Background: Riku is a 15-year old cutey-pie used to live on Destiny Island, a quiet, beautiful but isolated island. The water surrounding it never ended, and Riku sought out a way to get away! At the same time, he was madlly in love with a girl named Kairi, who was in love with Riku's rival, Sora! Talk about a lot of problems for a teen. His island was taken by dark forces led by an evil man named Ansem. Kairi's heart was taken by the minions of this shadowed enemy, called Heartless.
Riku nearly breaks his neck trying to save her, even putting his own life on the line by joining the dark side! He was totally devoted to her, and she gives him the cold shoulder, and Sora gets the girl.
Fortunately, Riku's gonna move on pretty soon.
Unfortunately, Riku sacrifices his freedom to help banish the darkness (that's my baby!) But he'll be back, years older and cuter.

Looks: Riku is so cute. He's a little short, but his looks more than make up for it. He has shoulder-length silver hair. It is slightly on the messy side. Riku is pale, and he had sea green eyes. His arms are quite muscular for 15-years-old, and he has unusual taste in fashion, as you can see!

Voice: Have you heard of David Galagher? Try 7th Heaven's Simon Camden. That's his voice actor.
If you've never seen the blonde guy from that television show, I'll give ya a hand.
Riku has a slightly deep voice. He has the essence of a mysterious, traditional popular boy. He always sounds as if he's taunting you a little. And plus, he sounds romantic when he gets quiet. Very niiiiice...

Ideal Girlfriend: Me I wish. I think someone his speed would do. No one who is too quiet, like super quiet. But then again, no one too outgoing, like someone overpowering. I think a quiet, intelligent fighter who could defend herself without him would impress him. He needs someone nice too. He's been through a lot of heart-breaks, and someone who'd never give up on him would be wonderful. I wonder if one of the Sailor Scouts... nah!

Why I Nominated Him: I love Riku a lot. He's frequently overlooked. Most people just go straight to Sora. He's not even all that handsome! He's also so... babyish sometimes. Riku is just really a cool-cat all the way, so, i thought it necesssary. Ya know?