Duo Maxwell

A Li'l Background: Duo is a cute 15 year old American male who is a happy go lucky guy and doesn't have a care in the world. He is very friendly but don't mistake him for a girl because of his braid! His nickname is "Shingami" which means "Great Destroyer" or "God of Death" If you make him mad you'll know why he got that nickname. Another reason I heard of was that he believes everything he grows to love dies or gets destroyed. He tends to keep all the unhappiness inside, and he has a stong tolerance. Duo was born somewhere near the L2 Colony. He was an orphan and was about 7yrs of age when he was "adopted" by a guy named Solo. Solo was the leader of a bunch of orphans, so one more won't hurt right? Well then there was a virus spreading throughout the colony and apparently Solo caught it. Duo asked the Authorities for a vaccine to treat Solo but they wouldnt give it to him because he was poor (jerks!) so Duo ended up stealing it. By the time he stole it, it was already to late. As Solo was dying he said to Duo, (this conversation may not be the exact words) "Your a nice guy, I wish I could stay here a bit longer". Duo said "Don't be stupid, don't give up so easily!" Then Solo said "Stay nice, don't worry I'll always be with you". Duo told him "Fine...if Solo's with me, we'll be Duo". That is how Duo got his first name. Duo is on his own now, he does what he needs to do to survive. He was caught stealing from someones house and was sent to the Maxwell Church (ring a bell?) There he met Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, they were kind of the "parents he never had". By then Duo's hair had gotten pretty long. (I'm not sure of his exact age but I would say maybe 10yrs old by now?) Sister Helen wants to cut it off and Duo protests and Father Maxwell says to just let him keep it. So Sister Helen braids it and thats the way he's had it ever since. ^_^ After that I think the church was attacked by OZ and there were 245 deaths including Father Maxwell's and Sister Helen's *sniffle* So Duo wanted revenge on OZ and he became the Gundam Pilot known to the world as Duo Maxwell.

Looks: He usually wears a black outfit with a collar modeled after a priest's collar. His hair is 32.5 cm long in a tightly woven braid and very cute violet eyes. The over all package is that he is sooo cute!

Voice: Duo has a soothing voice that girls just love. He'd be the perfect guy to have around when you need a li'l lovin' reasurrin'! ^_^ It's also a voice OZ soilders fear when they come up against him and his Gundam. So, you'll want to make sure you stay on Duo's GOOD side! (Not that you'd do anything to get on his BAD side, right?)

Ideal Girlfriend: Duo would want a girl with a carefree personaltiy like him. He definatly does NOT want the type who wants him to get rid of his braid. (So women with Sister Helen's view are OUT!) Duo wouldn't mind his woman swooning over him a little bit, but she couldn't be too dependent on him since he'd be piloting Deathscyte so much. But at the same time he wouldn't want a woman who was a loner. Don't be surprised if Duo's a little protective, since everyone else he's loved has been killed so far. (Solo, Sister Helen, Father Maxwell....) He wouldn't want to loose a girlfriend, now would he? If you don't mind him going off to do his mission and just adore Deathscythe, then go for it, girl!