A lil' background: Kurama is a 300+ year old fox youkai. He was originally named Youko and originally looked like an ordinary fox. As Youko, stole treasures and gained more powers over the hundreds of years that he lived. About sixteen years before Yu Yu Hakusho begins, some hunters went after Youko and managed to shoot him! Poor Youko! Anyway, after being shot, Youko escaped into the human world. To recover from his wounds, Youko had to pick out a human mother to be born of. He selected Shori Minamino and was born again as the red-haired, green-eyed human boy Suuichi Minamino. Kurama is a tough fighter and he uses his Rose Whip (and a few other plant-related weapons) to defeat his opponents. When his human mother fell ill and was put in the hospital, Kurama felt guilty. He had used Shori and always felt superior to her and now that she was sick Kurama felt guilty. So he teamed up with Hiei and Gouki to steal the artifacts of darkness, hoping to use the Forlorn Hope to save his mother at the cost of his own life. How chivalrous! Anyway, after Yusuke defeats Gouki, Kurama comes to him asking for a favor. Kurama promises to give up the Forlorn Hope to Yusuke if he will allow him to use it first. Yusuke agrees and Kurama is about to sacrifice his life for his mother's when Yusuke steps in and offers his life instead. However, the Forlorn Hope is so overwhelmed by the boys' willingness to sacrifice their life for others that it grants the wish without taking a life. Later on, Kurama (as well as his partner from the Artifacts of Darkness heist, Hiei) team up with Yusuke to help him fight the Four Saint Beasts. Kurama takes on the first Saint Beast, Genbu. After recieving quite a thrashing from the rock creature, Kurama notices a part of Genbu that is red. He grabs it out of the air and when Genbu reassembles himself he's not in the right order. Kurama had taken the part of him that allowed him to reassemble properly and once he had, he destroyed it, destroying Genbu along with it. Kurama is a quick-thinker to say the least and he is definately a great planner seeing as he pulled off so many robberies. Along with the intellect, Kurama has also been gifted with alot of power. Having both brains and brawn, Kurama is certianly a great fighter.

Voice: Well, I've heard both the Japanese and English voices and, while some of my friends think his Japanese voice is a girl (which I don't believe but I suppose it's possible), I think both the Japanese and English voices are cute. I have to say though that I can't imagine his voice with an angry tone, which is a good thing if you ask me.

Ideal Girlfriend: I suppose she'd have to be smart, not to mention strong and brave. I can imagine him pairing up with a really goofy girl as long as she knows when to be serious and when to relax and goof off. Kurama could probably get along well with any girl but at least slighty above-average intellect and bravery and average strength would probably help a girl attempting to win his heart. Oh and she would certianly have to be a kind and caring girl too.