A Li'l Background: Sadly, Kilik has a. well, a sad history. For only 19, he has been through quite a bit - to say the least. Abandoned as a young child, Kilik grew up at the Ling Sheng Su Temple in China. Training with the monks who inhabited the temple, Kilik quickly became well versed in the ways of the rod. He grew close to Xianglian, his eventual sworn sister. Kilik was soon nominated to be the successor of the Kali-Yuga, one of three sacred weapons located in the temple. Xianglian was destined to acquire the Dvapara-Yuga, a magical mirror (they later found out that the third weapon, the Krita-Yuga, was missing, stolen by Xianglian's father. (gasp!). Unfortunately, elsewhere in on the earth, the Soul Edge soon lost its inner balance and expelled its evil will, scattering Evil Seeds of Disaster all over the world. In China, poisoned by the evil seed, everyone went insane, attacking and brutally murdering each other. Only Xianglian, with the Dvapara-Yuga on her shoulder, could escape the influence. Her love for Kilik, however, urged her near him and, sacrificing her life to save his, she placed the mirror over his shoulder. Once his senses had returned, Kilik began to defend himself against his attackers. Soon, even Xianglian turned on him. Moving without knowing it, he was horrified to discover, upon opening his eyes, that he had pierced Xianglian's heart with the Kali-Yuga. Unable to forgive himself and forever contaminated by the evil seed (if the mirror was removed, he would turn completely evil), Kilik soon found hope in a new master, Edge Master, whom he trained under. As you can imagine, looking at his not-so-brief-after-all-history, things did not end happily ever after. Oh no, of course not. Edge Master eventually turns on Kilik. (How rude!) Go figure.

Looks: My, my, my, what is a girl to say? Kilik is incredibly attractive. Cute, yes. Adorable, yes. Puppy-dog eyes, of course. In perfect physical condition, Kilik is, as they say, easy on the eyes (even his HAIR is nice! Don't you just want to run your hand through it?).

Voice: Kilik sounds just as good as he looks. Sure, he doesn't have a macho, deep voice, but the slightly high sound suits his "innocent" look. After all, he IS only 19, so cut him some slack, OK? Plus, doesn't he sound threatening with "This rod will be your doom?" It goes very soft when he says "Master....", so Kilik could probably be a nice, gentle-sounding guy if he wanted to be.

Ideal Girlfriend: Well, it's sort of implied that he and Xianghua are "together," but hey, it's a free world and what they have isn't exactly "official," so GO FOR IT! Kilik would like a nice girl, somebody he can trust (as trust has been hard for him to come by in life). I've heard he's fairly nieve, however, so you may be able to get away with, well. anything, as long as it's accompanied with a pretty grin. It would appear that you'd have to be willing to follow him around on Maxi's pirate ship for a while, as it doesn't look like he'll be getting a job anytime soon ("Would you like fries with that?"). OOO, a life on the sea! Kilik seems like he'd want to be with an altogether sweet girl. Is it worth it??? I'll leave that up to you. I already know the answer.