Seto Kaiba

A li'l background: Seto Kaiba is a 16 year old millionaire genius…what more could you ask for??? Anyways he was abused by his adoptive father which is why he is so cold towards everyone, except his brother Mokuba, in the series. His father dies in a car crash and his mother died giving birth to Mokuba. Most people say he is a jerk…but what would you do if you went through all that? At the beginning of the series he challenges Yugi (the main character) to a game of Duel Monsters, which was all the rage, and lost. After that he swore revenge on Yugi and began to dislike him and all his friends. Seto is the owner of Kaiba Corp., a company that designs electronics. From time to time Yugi shows up to help him. out, and vice-versa, as a result he is beginning to respect Yugi.

Voice: I haven’t heard the Japanese one, but the English one is kinda stern and rough…personally I think it fits him.

Ideal Girlfriend: Me! Just kidding, she would have to be smarter than average, headstrong, and at least TRY to understand him…also she wouldn’t have to mind him mouthing off to people every once in a while. ^^;