Pit Viper Fan Fiction

The following are links to stories written by Pit Viper members. Some are true, some are fantasy, but all are equally as great. Some may be more in-depth than others, but all should be treated with utmost respect. Enjoy.

Title: The Venom Khronicles
Author: Venom

OOChapter I: A Hidden Purpose
OOChapter II: The Search for Scyllus
OOChapter III: Tracking Viscera
OOChapter IV: The Battle of a Lifetime

Title: The Birth of a Great Klan
Author: Venom

OOChapter I: The Venom Strikes
OOChapter II: The Search for Viscera's Palace
OOChapter III: The Palace of Horrors

Title: The War of a Lifetime
Author: Venom

OOChapter I: A Venomous Beginning

Title: Nightmare Alley
Author: Phantom

Chapter I: Blade Fury
OOChapter II: Aim of My Game
OOChapter III: Ruthless Ambition
OOChapter IV: Blind Hatred
OOChapter V: Hired Assassin
OOChapter VI: The Calm Before the Storm
OOChapter VII: Crusade of Darkness
OOChapter VIII: Death and Betrayal
OOChapter IX: Eve of Judgment
OOChapter X: Eve of Judgment (Part Two)
OOChapter XI: Destroyer of Hope and Dreams
OOChapter XII: The Nightmare Ends

Title: One Warrior's Past
Author: Nukum

Chapter I: Arrival at the Cave
OOChapter II: The First Tournament Fight
OOChapter III: Nukum's Opening Fight
OOChapter IV: Anaconda
OOChapter V: Resignation and Recruiting
OOChapter VI: New Additions
OOChapter VII: Brothers

Title: The Thunderblood Saga
Author: Thunderblood

The Younger Years
OOChapter 1: A Young Dream -episode 1
OOChapter 2: ????? -episode 2

The Search for Python
OOChapter 1: Python's Agony -episode 3
OOChapter 2: Revenge Unanswered -episode 4
OOChapter 3: A New Home -episode 5
OOChapter 4: The Confronting -episode 6

The Later Years
OOChapter 1: ????? -episode 7
OOChapter 2: ????? -episode 8
OOChapter 3: ????? -episode 9

Shadows of Power
OOChapter 1: Defiance and Disappearance -episode 10
OOChapter 2: The Beginning of the End -episode 11
OOChapter 3: ????? -episode 12
OOChapter 4: ????? -epispde 13

OOChapter 1: ????? -episode 14
OOChapter 2: ????? -episode 15
OOChapter 3: ????? -episdoe 16

Title: Untitled
Author: Midnight

Prologue/Chapter I: The Emotional Roller Coaster (The Tournament)

Title: Forsaken
Author: Ermaxtla


Title: The Broken Warrior
Author: Aeroblade

Chapter I: The Lin Kuei Battle
OOChapter II: The Cyborg Era
OOChapter III: Fight to the Death

Title: Rivals
Author: Amethyst

Rivals (Parts 1-2)

Title: Untitled
Author: Sabra

Granddaughter of the Empire Series
OOPrologue and Chapter 1
OOChapter 2
OOChapter 3
OOChapter 4

From Now Until Forever Series
OOChapter 1
OOChapter 2
OOChapter 3
OOChapter 4

Title: The Book of Erebus
Author: The Elder Gods

OOThe Book of Erebus

Title: The White Ninja's Legacy
Author: Diamond

OOBook I: Before His Time

Title: War of SIN
Author: The Unknown

OOWar of SIN