Ranger Exes Memorial - TX Salute the RHS Veterans

RHS Exes who became veterans of the U.S. military. Some veterans listed may be deceased. KIA=Killed in Action Updated: 08.20.2023 1924-1939 1940-1949 1950-1977 1978-Others Class Veteran Service Branch, Rank, Conflict, & Medals 1924 Rex S. Thomas (decd) - US Army, WWII 1925 Cora Marie Kohn (decd) - US Women's Air Corps, WWII 1925 David Wier (decd) - US Army Air Corps, Flight Surgeon, WWII, Europe, Korea in country & Japan, Major 1925 Roy Wilson (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1926 Jack Galloway (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1926 Plummer Lemley (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1927 Richard Barkley (decd) - US Army during WWII 1927 David Lawson (decd) - US Marine Corps 1927 Max Ratliff (decd) - US Army Air Corps, Warrant Officer 1928 William Brown (decd) - US Army during WWII and Korea, retired after 20+ years service 1928 Wilbur Jones (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1928 Graham Segars (decd) - US Army during WWII 1928 Orville Tackett (decd) - US Army 1928 Charlie Black (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1929 Fred Grant (decd) - US Army, WWII 1929 Lee Hammett (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1929 Francis Plumley (decd) - US Army 1929 Leonard Pounds (decd) - US Navy, WWII, South Pacific, 1 Battle Star, AP, PL, American Defense and GCM. 1930 Beauford Anderson (decd) - US Army, WWII, T/Sgt 1930 Raney J. Bradley (decd) - US Marines, Chief Electrician, WWII 1930 Noah Byars (decd) - US Army, WWII 1930 Alton Davenport (decd) - US Army, WWII 1930 Leo Healer (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1930 Hubert Hinton (decd) -US Army, WWII 1930 Roy Plumley (decd) - Col. US Army retired, 28 years 1930 Parker B. Poe (decd) - US Army, WWII 1930 Herbert Rapp (decd) - US Army, WWII 1930 Lewis D. Warren (decd) - US Army, WWII 1930 Rufus Williams (decd) - US Air Corps, WWII 1931 Randall Blackmond (decd) - US Army, WWII 1931 Roy Bruce (decd) - US Army Signal Corps, WWII, Europe & Pacific, Purple Heart 1931 James W. Campbell (decd) - US Army, Warrant Officer, WWII 1931 Nicol Crawford (decd) - US Army, WWII 1931 Saunders Gregg (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Lt. Commander 1931 Clarence King (decd) - USAF 1931 Edward Kliewer (decd) - US Army, Warrant Officer, WWII 1931 Elmer Norris (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1931 Dee Preslar (decd) - US Army, Ltc 1931 Charles Rust (decd) - US Army, WWII, Warrant Officer 1931 Forrest Weber (decd) - US Navy, WWII, SF2 1932 Bailey Anderson (decd) - US Navy, 1942-45, sonar technician 1932 H.L. Baker (decddecd) - US Army, nurse 1932 Chick Brown (decd) - USMC, WWII 1932 Sterling Crawley (decd) - US Army, WWII 1932 Norman Davenport (decd) - US Army, Lt. Colonel, retired, WWII, First Cavalry in the Pacific Theater, Korea, France, Germany 1932 Robert Earnest (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1932 Bruce Harris (decd) - National Guard, WWII 1932 Earl D. Ivy (decd) - US Army, WWII 1932 Robert King (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1932 Adron Pounds (decd) - US Army, WWII 1932 James Stagg (decd) - US Army, MSGT, Korea 1932 James Steed (decd) - US Navy 1932 Jack Waggoner (decd) - US Army, Capt, WWII 1933 Norval Adams (decd) - Texas National Guard, WWII 1933 Gerdes Hodges (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Korea 1933 Dave Johnson (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1933 Robert Kidwell (decd) - US Army Air Corps/USAF, WWII, England, Korea, Japan, Panama, retired 1968 1933 Boyce Lee (decd) - US Army, WWII, KIA near Salle France 1933 Hazel Ervin May (decd) - USAF, nurse, WWII 1933 Joseph W. Mitchell (decd) - US Navy, warrant officer 1933 Woodrow Patterson (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Electrician Mate, KIA, Purple Heart 1933 R.V. Robinson (decd) - US Army (1945-46) 1933 Cline Walsh (decd) - US Army, TSGT, WWII 1933 Thomas Weaver (decd) - US Army, WWII 1933 Joe Weekes (decd) - US Army, WWII, 1st. Lieutenant, Bronze Star 1933 Jasper E. Woods (decd) - US Army, Warrant Officer, WWII 1934 Durward Barnes (decd) - US Army, PFC,WWII, KIA 1934 Thomas Blair (decd) - US Army, WWII, Warrant Officer 1934 Jack Brittain (decd) - US Navy, WWII, 96th Battalion 1934 Eual Bryan (decd) - US Army, WWII 1934 Warren Reynolds Cozby (decddecd) - US Army, WWII 1934 Joseph Hale (decd) - US Army, WWII, Europe 1934 Mary Helen Childs (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Korea 1934 Bruce Murphy (decd) - US Naval Academy, US Army Air Corps, glider pilot, pilot flying B24's, B17's, B25's & C49 transports during WWII 1934 Charles H. Porter (decd) - US Army Air Corps (1941-45), Colonel, served with the 13th Jungle Air Force in the 390th Bomb Squadron, WWII 1934 Con Poynor (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Korea, MIA, (assumed KIA), bombardier, 371st Bomb Squadron 307 Bomb Wing, shot down on Black Tuesday, 10/23/1951 1934 Arthur Shelton (decd) - US Army, WWII 1934 James Westbrook (decd) - US Marines, Iwo Jima during WWII 1935 Paul Adkins (decd) - US Army, WWII, First Sergeant 1935 Aaron Anderson (decd) - US Army, WWII, KIA in Italy 1935 Arthur Baugh (decd) - US Army, WWII 1935 Rankin Britt (decd) - US Army, WWII 1935 Harvey Burch (decd) - US Army 1935 Garvin Chastain (decd) - US Navy 1935 Glynn Covington (decd) - US Army, Major, WWII 1935 William Elmore (decd) - USAF 1935 Laura Eaves (decd) - Women Army Corps, WWII 1935 Francis Fengler (decd) - US Army, WWII, Europe 1935 Garland Montgomery (decd), US Army Air Corps, WWII 1935 Avis McKelvain Preslar (decd) - US Navy, Waves, WWII, Communications Officer & Recruiter 1935 John T. Scott (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1935 O.C. Warden (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1936 Henry Ball (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1936 William Bourdeau (decd) - US Army, WWII, South Pacific & European Theaters, Master Sergeant 1936 E.M. Bowen (decd) - US Army, WWII 1936 Lem Bray (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1936 Earl Brown (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1936 Harlan Crawley (decd) - US Army, WWII, South Pacific 1936 Woodrow Dinsmore (decd) - US Navy, Seabees, during WWII 1936 Everett Donowho (decd) - USAF, retired in 1966 1936 William Cole (decd) - US Army, Colonel, WWII 1936 Cecil Cook (decd) - US Army, WWII, 36th Division 1936 Ernest Glazner (decd) - US Army, WWII 1936 Buster Higdon (decd) - US Army, WWII 1936 Charles Hodges (decd) - US Army, WWII 1936 Earvin Ivy (decd) - US Army WWII, SSGT, ETO 36th and 65th Divisions, POW in Eferding Austria, Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star E.T. w/4 Battle Stars 1936 Eugene Kribbs (decd) - US Army, 1942-46, WWII, Philippines, retired from the Army reserves as a Colonel in 1975 1936 Mellenger Jacoby (decd) - Texas National Guard, Military Air Command with USAF rank of Lt. Col. 1936 J.A. Johnson (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1936 Scott Neal (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, KIA in Alaska in B-24 bomber 1936 Henry Noggle (decd) - US Marine Corps, WWII 1936 Stephen Preslar (decd) - US Navy, pilot 1936 Tommy Smith (decd) - Royal Canadian Air Force, WWII 1937 Gates Barker (decd) - USMC, WWII, Major, Pacific Theater 1937 Beverly Dudley (decd) - USMC, WWII, Major, Guadalcanal 1937 Lonnie Franklin (decd) - US Army, WWII 1937 Willard G. Gray (decd) - US Army, WWII 1937 W.D. Hayley (decd) - US Army, WWII 1937 Bill Hinman (decd) - US Army, PFC, 508 Parachute Inf, WWII 1937 Robert Johnson (decd) - US Navy, WWII, 2nd Class Metalsmith 1937 J.D. Litton (decd) - US Army Air Corps, Captain, WWII 1937 Billy S. Mitchell (decd) - US Army 1937 Riccy Robertson (decd) - US Navy, WWII, submarines, stationed at Pearl Harbor before the attack, aircraft carriers, Korea, Reserves for 29 yrs. 1937 Glyn Murphy (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Master Sergeant 1937 Robert Lewis Stevens (decd) - US Army, WWII 1937 C.E. May, Jr. (decd) - US Navy, officer during WWII 1937 Jack Rex (decd - US Navy, WWII, Pharmacist Mate First Class 1937 Floyd Russell (decd) - US Air Force 1938 Willard Balch (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1938 Merritt Ballew (decd) - US Marine Corps, WWII, Sergeant, served on Iwo Jima and Bougainville, Purple Heart 1938 Robert B. Belovsky (decd) - US Army, WWII, Captain 1938 Felton Brashier (decd) - US Navy Air Corps, WWII 1938 Carl F. Eakin (decd) - US Marine Corps, WWII, LtCol 1938 Thomas Elrod, Sr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, CBI (China, Burma, India Theatre), awarded Victory, AT, AP with 3 Battle Stars, Bronze Star Medal and was presented a Chinese medal personally by Chiang Kai-shek. 1938 Jessie Gideon (decd) - U.S. Navy, Submarine USS Plunger, Pacific 1938 Henry H. Gilmore (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1938 Earnest Green, Jr. (decd) - US Army, Captain, WWII 1938 Dick Hodges (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1938 Ross Hodges (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Flight Officer in Navy & AAC 1938 Kendall C. Houston (decd) - US Air Corps, WWII, TSsgt. 1938 Lewis Hughes (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1938 Raymond Landtroop (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Captain, 31 missions in a B-24 bomber, awarded Distinguished Flying Cross, EAME Campaign Medal with three Bronze Stars & Air Medal 1938 Charles W. Lawson (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, KIA, First Lieutenant 1938 L.C. Love (decd) - US Army, WWII, Corporal 1938 Robert Patterson (decd) - US Navy in World War II & Korea 1938 Willard Pugh, Sr. (decd) - US Army Ground Forces, trained at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. in 1943 1938 D.C. Robinson (decd) - US Army, WWII 1938 Arie Sharp (decd) - US Army, WWII 1938 Homer Smith (decd) - US Army, WWII, Vietnam, Major General 1938 Billy Turner (decd) - US Navy 1938 Roger Walton (decd) - WWII 1938 Pickens Weaver (decd) - Staff Sgt 573 AAF Bomb Sq (Air Corps) during WWII, killed in action 1939 Harold Ames (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1939 Henry Baskin (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1939 M.L. Baskin (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1939 James Brown (decd) - US Coast Guard, WWII 1939 Herman Bryan (decd) - US Navy 1939 Travis Bryan (decd) - US Army, WWII 1939 Arthur Burch (decd) - US Army, WWII 1939 John Champion, Jr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, B-17 Co-pilot, KIA, buried in Belgium 1939 George Cox (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, KIA on first mission in a B-17 bomber 1939 Babb Edmonds (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1939 J.L. Ervin (decd) - US Army, WWII 1939 James Ferris (decd) - US Coast Guard, WWII 1939 John Ford (decd) - US Coast Guard, WWII 1939 Franklin Frasier (decd) - US Army, WWII, KIA 1939 Lloyd Howton (decd) - WWII 1939 Bueford Jordan (decd- US Coast Guard, WWII 1939 Morris Leveille, Jr. (decd) - US Coast Guard, WWII 1939 Harold Luckett (decd) - US Army, WWII 1939 Morris Newnham (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Naval Officer aboard the USS. Boston in the South Pacific 1939 Robert Palmer (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1939 Electra Pearson (decd) - US Army (WAC) 1939 W.G. Pounds (decd) - US Army, WWII 1939 Jesse Smith (decd)- US Army, WWII 1939 Raymond Smoot (decd) - US Marines, WWII 1939 Lyndle Summers (decd) - US Marines, WWII 1939 Buford Waggoner (decd) - USAF,WW II, flew 35 missions over Germany, Purple Heart 1939 James White, Jr. (decd) - WWII, served in Africa & Italy with the Sixth General Hospital & 88th Infantry Division 1939 Charles Whitefield (decd) - US Air Corps, WWII, flew 74 missions over Germany 1939 Merrill Wilson (decd) - Officer US Army Air Corps, WWII, ETO, Pilot, DFC 1940 J.B. Ames, Jr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, Lieutenant, killed in plane crash 1940 Hubert Anderson (decd) - US Army Air Corps 1940 D.C. Arterburn (decd) - US Coast Guard, WWII 1940 Arturo Camacho (decd) - US Army, WWII, enlisted 1941, served in Battery E, 60th Combined Arms Center Fort Mills, Philippine Islands, Bataan & Corregidor Veteran. POW for 42 months, several camps in Mukaishima, Japan, Zentsuji Camp when war ended (photo) 1940 George Falls (decd) - US Army, WWII 1940 Claude Floyd (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1940 Bob Galloway (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, B-51 fighter pilot in Burma 1940 Ernest Gray (decd) - US Army, WWII, Europe 1940 Ira Gray (decd) - US Navy, WWII, VB19 Squadron (1942-1946), awarded the Purple Heart 1940 Thomas Hale (decd) - US Army, WWII, SGT, Company I, 142nd Infantry, 36th Division, KIA at Altavilla, Italy on September 15, 1943, age 21 1940 Charlie W. Hargrave (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1940 Cicero Harris (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1940 Archie Hazard (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, killed on a training mission in the States 1940 Bill Houghton (decd) - USMC, WWII 1940 Jesse B. Houghton, Jr. (decd) - USMC, WWII 1940 Bob Hunt - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1940 William Limbocker (decd) - US Army, WWII 1940 Francis McHenry (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1940 J.H. McKelvain (decd)- US Army, WWII 1940 Pleas Moore (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Sgt, killed in an air crash in Newfoundland 1940 William Powell (decd) - US Navy during WWII, USAF during the Korea 1940 Hutch Reynolds (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1940 Owen Rose (decd) - US Army, Calvary Corps, Military Police 1940 James Ratliff (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1940 Glen Rex (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1940 Ernest Squyres (decd) - US Army, WWII, Lightning Division of the Infantry, prisoner of war by Germany, Sgt., Purple Heart, Good Conduct Medal, European Theater, 3 Battle Stars, Victory & AT ribbons 1940 Floyd Steven (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII in the Far East Command 1940 Randal Thomas Jr. (decd) - US Army, WWII 1940 Jack Wallace (decd) - Sergeant, infantry, 2nd Lieutenant in the Engineers, National Guard 1940 Ben Yung (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Bill Bankston (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Korea 1941 Albert Bradford (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Robert Bradford (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Willie Clarke (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Alvin Milton Dennis (decd) - USAF, WWII 1941 Thomas Elwood (decd) - USAF, WWII 1941 Bernice Ashcraft Ervin (decd) - US Army, 20 yrs. 1941 Marian Graves, Jr. (decd) - US Marines, WWII, wounded in the Battle of Iwo Jima 1941 Howard Hinman (decd) - US. Army (1943-46), Battle of the Bulge, awarded two Bronze Stars, Air Force Reserves (1950-51) 1941 Aaron Howton, Jr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, Pilot, WWII 1941 Lee Roy Jay (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1941-46, Pharmacists Mate 2nd Class 1941 Alvin W. Johnson (decd) - US Navy (1942-46), WWII, Gunner Mate First Class on a destroyer 1941 Charles Martin (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, glider pilot, European Theater. 1941 Royce McCleskey (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WII, trained to be a pilot and served in the 12th Air Force in Italy, and awarded the Air Medal and Purple Heart, KIA in San Benditto Italy on April 22, 1945. 1941 Joe Meroney (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1941 Charles O'Steen (decd) - US Army, Korea 1941 Joseph Ownby (decd) - US Air Corps, WWII 1941 John Pearsall (decd)- US Army, WWII, European Theatre 1943-1946, 393rd Infantry 99th Division 1941 Lee Roy Pearson, Jr. (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Russell Quinn (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Michael Ready (decd) - US Navy 1/4/1943 to 8/18/1943, US Army Air Corp 11/20/1944 to 3/29/1946, WWII 1941 William R. Reese (decd) - US Army until 1968 1941 Noble Robertson (decd) - US Army, WWII 1941 Buford Stovall (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1941 Jack Watson (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1941 Harold Weaver (decd) - US Army, WWII, 4th Infantry Division, participated in the Normandy Beach landing on D-Day 1941 Jack Wheeler (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1941 Robert Wiesen (decd) - US Army AF, WWII 1941 Marie Williamson Tankersley (decd) - US Navy, Seaman First Class 1942 Carlton Adams (decd) - US Army AF, Aerial Gunner, 447th Bomb Group, European African Middle Eastern Service Medal, 3 Bronze Battle Stars, survived 20 bombing raids, Lucky Bastard Award 1942 Charles Brown (decd) - US Marine Corps, WWII, Pacific Theater 1942 Buford Bryan (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1942 Ramon Bryan (decd) - US Army, WWII 1942 R.V. Cole (decd) - USMC, WWII 1942 Richard Cox (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Korea, Aviation Electrician 1942 Jess Favors (decd) - US Navy 1942 Clarence Horn (decd) - US Army, WWII, tank gunner, Battle of the Bulge 1942 Reid Hunter (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1942 Palmer Kelley (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1942 Leldon Martin (decd) - US Army, WWII, 75th ID, Battle of the Bulge 1942 Carlos R. Martinez (decd) - US Army, WWII 1942 Jerome Ready (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1942 Howard Stevens (decd) - US Army, WWII 1942 Charles Strong (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1942 Allen Ussery (decd) - US Army AC, PFC., served in Pacific Theater, Marianas, awarded GCM, Amer. Theater. AP w/ 2 battle stars and Victory Ribbon. 1942 H.O. Woods, Jr. (decd) - US Army (1942-45), WWII, Central Europe, 2 Purple Hearts, Battle of Bulge, Bronze Star; served in 3 battles 1943 Harold Brewer - US Navy, WWII 1943 Morris Campbell (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1943 Lonnie Coones (decd) - US Army, WWII, Pacific 1943 Billy Elder (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1943 Odie Elrod (decd) - US Army, WWII 1943 Jack Elwood (decd) - US Army, WWII, Germany 1943 Harvey L. Fonville (decd) - US Army, WWII, Sergeant 1943 Robert Frasier (decd) - US Navy, WWII, USS Sigourney 643, Petty Officer 1st Class 1943 Billy Gray (decd) - US Navy 1943 Don E. Hamor (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Radioman Second Class 1943 Terrell Harbin (decd) - US Navy, WWII, South Pacific 1943 James Houghton (decd)- US Navy, WWII 1943 Lloyd Huffman (decd) - US Army, retired after 20 years 1943 Lowell Hunt (decd) - US Navy (Seabees), WWII, Battle Star, Iwo Jima 1943 Frank Johnson (decd) - US Navy, WWII, radioman, Azores Islands 1943 Charles Jones, Jr. (decd) - USMC, WWII, wounded in action 1943 James Jones (decd) - US Army, WWII, Recovered Personnel Detachment 1943 Burness V. Kelley, Jr. (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1943 Alva Kim (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1943 Joe Kimbrough (decd) - US Army Corps Reserve, WWII 1943 Merle Kribbs (decd) - US Army, retired, SFC, Bronze Star & Combat Infantry Badge, WWII, Korea & Vietnam 1943 Schley Lemma (decd) - US Merchant Marine, WWII 1943 Wayne Lingle (decd) - US Army, WWII in France 1943 John L. McKelvain (decd) - US Navy 1943 Roy Patterson (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1943 Billy B. Peery (decd) - US Army, WWII 1943 George M. Peery (decd) - US Army, WWII 1943 Wayne Richardson (decd) - US Naval Air Corps, WWII 1943 Floyd Rogers (decd) - US Army, WWII 1943 William Thomas - US Navy, WWII, Vet gets diploma after war 1943 Jim Wallace (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WW II, gunner & instructor 1943 Linden Williams (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1943 Bobby Woods (decd) - US Marine Corps, WWII 1944 William Anderson (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Marines, Korea 1944 Gayle Blacklock (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1944 J.T. Blackwell (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII 1944 Kenneth Brown (decd) - US Army, 126th infantry division, CO M as part of the Japanese inland occupying forces during WWII 1944 Max Ervin, Sr. (decd) - US Navy 1944 Gene Falk (decddecd) - US Navy, WWII 1944 Morris George (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1944 Byron Gordon (decd) - US Army, WWII 1944 Melvin Harbin decd) - US Navy, WWII, Asia-Pacific Theater 1944 Carl Hardin (decd) - US Navy 1944 Bob Hickey, Sr. (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1944 Robert Hood (decd) - US Navy Air Corps, WWII 1944 Raymond Howard (decd) - US Navy 1944 Clyde Ivy (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1944 Leland Jones (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Neshanic naval ship in Pacific 1944 Stacy Kim (decd) - US Army, WWII, Korea, Purple Heart 1944 Fred Larson (decd) - US Army Air Corp 1944 Calvin Long (decd) - WWII, 1944-46 1944 Jack Townzen (decd) - US Navy, SeaBees, WWII 1944 Lonnie Ussery (decd) - M/3c, served in Pacific Theater, Marianas. Awarded Amer. Theater, AP with 2 battle stars and Victory Ribbon. 1944 Lowe Wallace (decd) - US Air Force, WWII 1945 Johnny Adams (decd) - US Army, WWII 1945 Leonard Arterburn (decd) - US Army, WWII 1945 Lilburn Baker (decd) - US Army, WWII 1945 Marvin Baker - US Navy 1945 Herman Blackwell (decd) - US Army Medical Core, Korean 1945 Robert Bundick (decd) - US Navy, served on YMS-170 minesweeper 1945 Pete Camacho (decd) - US Army National Guard, Sgt. 1945 Donnie Carroll - US Navy, 1946 Phm3c 1945 J.D. Christian (decd) - US Army, 77th division in Hokkaido Japan. 1945 Dan Conway (decd) - US Army, Army Reserves, 1946-1954 1945 W.K. Cooper (decd) - US Army, WWII, Japan 1945 Charles Cox (decd) - US Navy 1945 Lewis M. Croom (decd) - US Army, WWII in Japan 1945 Bobby Eakin (decd) - US Army, paratroopers, WWII 1945 Beverly B. Evans (decd) - US Army, SGT 1945 J.E. Guess (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Okinawa 1945 Billie McGregor (decd) - US Air Corps, 27 yrs, WWII, South Korea, Vietnam 1945 Ralph Reynolds, Jr. (decd) - Texas National Guard, 49th Armored Division 1945 Elvis Warner (decd) - US Navy 1945 David Weems (decd) - US Army 1945 Alwyn Williams (decd) - US Navy, WWII 1945 Elbert Herbert Williams (decd) - USAF, Korea 1946 Welton Adams (decd) - USAF 1946 Don Blacklock (decd) - US Army, WWII 1946 Gene Boney (decd)- US Army, Okinawa, Korea 1946 William Carlin (decd) - US Army, Korea 1946 James Crabtree (decd) - US Marine Corps 1946 Andrew Jackson (decd) - US Air National Guard & USAF 1946 James Justice (decd) - US Army, Korea 1946 Jack Littlefield (decd) - USAF, Sergeant 1946 Paul Mathis (decd) - USAF, Korea 1946 Raymond Stuart (decd) - US Marine Corps, WWII, Korea 1947 Robert Carroll (decd) - Airborne 1947 Bobbie Emfinger (decd) - US Army 1947 Jack Eubank (decd) - USAF, Officer 1947 T.K. Hardy (decd) - US Marine Corps 1947 Dwain Ingram (decd) - USAF 1947 Harold Jacoby (decd) - USAF, 28 yrs., MSgt 1947 Billie Langford (decd) - US Army National Guard 1947 Elzie Pruett, Jr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Weapons Repairman 1947 Allen Thomas Rushing (decd) - National Guard Reserves, Fort Polk LA 1961-62 1947 Thomas Williams (decd) - US Marine Corps, Korea 1947 Harry Wilson (decd) - US Army 1948 Jerry C. Carter (decd) - US Navy, Communications Officer 1948 Gene Deaton (decd) - USAF, Korea & Japan 1948 E.W. Everett (decd) - US Navy 1948 Winifred Hatton (decd) - US Army, Korea 1948 Bobby Hazard (decd) - US Army, 11th Army Airborne, Korea & Occupied Japan 1948 O.G. Lanier (decd) - US Army, Korea 1948 Malcom Offield (< href="1948zza.htm">decd) - US Army, Korea 1948 Joe M. Stiles (decd) - USAF, Korea, Vietnam, MS, 22 yrs. 1948 Bill Townzen (decd) - US Army, Forward Observer, Korea 1948 Bobby Gene Williams (decd) - US Army 1949 Nick Bachis (decd) - US Army 1949 Charles Campbell (decd) - USAF 1949 Ralph Cooper (decd - US Marine Corps 1949 Leslie Hale (decd) - USAF, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, retired after 22 years as a Master Sargent 1949 Hudson Hightower (decd) - Texas National Guard, 49th Armored Division 1949 Jimmy Ice (decd) - US Army 1949 Douglas Jacoby (decd)- USAF, Korea 1949 Allen Keener (decd) - USAF 1949 Alvin Langley - US Coast Guard 1949 R.L. Miller (decd)- US Army, Germany 1949 Maxine Landtroop Morris (decd) - USAF 1949 Keith Munnerlyn - US Marine Corps, Sharpshooters Medal, National Defense, Korean Service w/2 stars, United Nations, Korea Presidential Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, & Bronze Star w/ "V" 1949 Billy Perrin - US Army, Korea 1949 George Robinson (decd) - US Army 1949 Meredith Sides - US Army 1949 R.C. Smith (decd) - US Navy 1949 Jack Waddington (decd) - US Navy, CDR, retired 1950 John Anderson (decd) - USAF 1950 Raymond Camacho - US Coast Guard 1950 Gene Hamilton (decd) - US Army 1950 Allen Harris (decd) - US Army 1950 Claude Harris (decd) - US Army, Korea 1950 James Healer (decd) - USAF, Korea 1950 Elbert Holder (decd - US Army 1952-60 1950 Tommy Huckaby (decd) - US Army 1952-54, Korea 1950 Madrin Huffman (decd) - US Army 1950 Harold Kimmel (decd) - US Army 1950 Wayne Loper (decd) - US Army, Corporal, Germany, Cannoneer in the 282nd Field Army Battalion 1950 Jim Patterson - US Navy 1950 E.P. Robinson (decd) - US Army, Korea 1950 Frank Robinson (decd - US Army 1952-55 1950 Price Rose - US Army 1950 Jim Smith - US Navy 1950 Alton Stiles (decd) - USAF, stationed in Texas, Alabama, Kansas, Nevada, Newfoundland, Thailand, & 2 tours of duty in England, retired in 1974 with the rank of Chief Master Sergeant 1950 Dean Sutton (decd) - USAF 1950 Alvin Thames (decd) - Korea 1950 James Varner (decd) - US Army, Korea 1950 Charles Williams - US Army 1950 David Williams (decd) - US Army 1950 Miley Williams (decd) - US Army, Korea 1950 Ronald Williams (decd) - USAF, Korea 1950 Tommy Wilson (decd) - US Army during Korea 1956-58 1950 Tim Woods - US Army 1951 T.L. Bush - US Army Ret. 1953-1974, Vietnam 1969-1970 1951 Henry V. Davenport Jr. (decd) - US Navy, Korea, USS Hancock 1951 Jerry Dobbs (decd) - USAF 1951 Max E. Godwin (decd) - US Navy, radar man, USS Corry DD817 ,Korea 1951 George Hazard, Jr. (decd) - US Army, Korea 1951 Billy A. Highsmith (decd) - USAF 1951 Billy Patterson (decd) - USAF 1950-54, Korea 1951 Edward Polston (decd) - US Marines 1952 David Blackwell (decd) - US Marine Corps, Korea 1952 Lee Crawford (decd) - US Army, Army Reserves, National Guard 1952 Kenneth Foreman (decd) - US Army 1952 Curtis Sharp (decd) - US Army, WWII 1952 Donald Varner (decd) - US Army 1953 Gerald Bagwell (decd) - US Army & Navy, Naval Intelligence 1953 James Barnes (decd) - USAF, retired, 20 year career, Radar Operator, NORAD, Korea, Vietnam, Newfoundland, Alaska 1953 Acker Everett (decd) - US Navy 1953 Bill Fergeson decd) - USAF, Guam, served 12 years 1953 Roland Goforth (decd) - US Army, Korea, paratrooper, Sergeant 1953 Fred Harper (decd) - US Army 1953 J.D. Harper (decd) - US Army, 1954-56, stationed in Anniston, AL 1953 Noel Kim (decd) - National Guard 1953 Lynn Nicholson (decd) - National Guard 1953 Jerry Rushing (decd) - USAF 1953 Herbert Williams (decd) - US National Guard 1954 Roy Barnhill (decd) - National Guard 1954 William Bratton - US Army, Basic Training Fort Ord, CA & Signal Corps School Fort Gordon, GA 1959, Ft. Sheridan, IL 1959-1961. Returned to active duty 1961-1962 Ft. Bragg, NC. 1954 Billy Browning (decd) - National Guard 1954 Ronald Carroll (decd) 1954 John Carver (decd) - US Naval Reserves 1954 Max Dooley (decd)- 1959-1963, Lt. US Public Health Service (medical branch of the Coast Guard-wore navy uniform with navy ranking) Staten Island, NY and last year at US Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Springfield, MO 1954 Ralph Berlin Frank - US Army 1958-1961 1954 Tommy Hinds (decd) - US Army, France, SP4 1954 Jimmy Long (decd) - National Guard, 6 yrs. 1954 Billy Mac Nichols (decd) - US Army (7/58-7/61), basic training at Ft. Carson CO, attended surveying school in Ft. Belvoir VA., stationed at Camp Wolters in Mineral Wells TX, finished tour of duty at Elmendorf Air Force base in Anchorage Alaska, SP4 1955 Duke Dixon - US Army 1955 Scott Forney - joined 147th Fighter Group in National Guard, transfer to the Continental Air Reserve, Airman 2nd Class, discharged in 1965 1955 Doyle Gentry (decd) - USAF 1955 Clifford Harris (decd) - USAF 1955 Bennie Hatfield - USAF 1955 Eddie Joe Janes (decd - US Army National Guard 1955 Joe C. Lawson (decd) - USAF 1955 Gary Patterson (decd) - US Army 1955 Jimmie Rodgers (decd) - USAF 1955 John Rush - USAF, doctor 1955 Ted Williams (decd) - US Army 1956 Buford Ables (decd) - US Navy 1956 Gerald Bratton (decd) - US Army, 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles 1956 Alton J. Patton (decd) - USAF, Vietnam 1956 Lawrence Rogers (decd) - US Army, Ft. Chaffee & Ft. Bliss 1956 Johnny Swinney - USAF, 1956-60 1956 H.Tom Sutton (decd) - US Army 1959-62, National Guard 1956 Jerry Don White (decd) - USAF 1956 Tommy Young (decd) - USAF, 1956-retired 1957 Edward E. Blackwell - US Army Reserve 1957 Charles Bonney - US Army, retired Colonel (0-6), Vietnam 1968-69 1957 Clifford Estes (decd) - Col., 36 yrs. of combined service in the US Army, Texas National Guard & US Army Reserves 1957 Albert Harris (decd) - US Navy 1957 Paul Tipton Hinds (a href="1957yb.htm">decd - US Army, Commission Regular Army 2Lt 1962, Field Artillery, Hardin Simmons University ROTC, Vietnam 1964- 1965, 1967-1968, Senior Army Aviator, Bronze Star V, Air Medal (35), MSM (2), ACM, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Bronze Star, retired LTC 1957 Eddie Jacoby (decd) - US Army, disabled veteran 1957 Angel Renteria (decd) - National Guard, US Army, 16 yrs. 1957 John Lanny Smith (decd) - US Army, drafted in 1963 1957 Charles Tibbels (decd) - US Army Reserves 1958 Bill Creager (decd) - US Army, 2nd Lieutenant 1958 Don Deffebach - US Army, 1964-1966, 1st Lieutenant, 21st Ordinance Company 1958 Benny Gailey (decd) - US Army National Guard 1958 Jimmy Hagar (decd) 1958 Billy Lawson (decd) - US Army, Sergeant First Class 1958 Odus Faye Carwile Phillips (decd) - US Army 1958 Jerry Price (decd) - US Navy 1958 Carole Sanders (decd) - NA 1958 Lanny Sledge (decd) - US Navy, submarines 1958 Robert Veale (decd - USAF, Vietnam 1958 Boone Yarbrough (decd) - US Army 1958 Lanny Walker - US Army, 6 1/2 yrs. 1958 Thomas Walton - US Navy, Chief Petty Officer, 20 Years, In country Vietnam 1967-68 1958 Donald Wier (decd) - US Army 1958 David Wharton (decd) - US Army, 1st Lt. 1959 Jerry Basham - USAF 1959 Johnny Chestnut (decd) - USAF 1960-69, Staff Sgt. 1959 Willard Pugh Jr. (decd) - US Navy, retired as Chief Petty Officer in 1984 1959 Jackie William (decd) - US Army 1960 Jerry Anderson - retired officer 1960 Fidencio Andrade (decd) - US Army 1960 Robert Brister (decd) - USAF, served 14 yrs. 1960 Joe Camacho (decd) - US Navy 1960 Jackie Daniels (decd) - US National Guard & Army Reserves 1960 Robert Fergeson - USAF, 4 years 1960 Michael Fron - US Marines 1960 Charles Harper, Jr. (decd) - US Navy, Vietnam 1960 Jack Hazard (decd) 1960 Walter Hutchins (decd) - US Army (1960-63), 82nd Airborne Division 1960 Arturo Jimenez - NA 1960 Richard Jolly - US Army (1966-67) 1960 Douglas Rogers (decd) - US Navy (1967-71), E-5 rank 1960 Robert Simmons (decd) - served in the Navy Seabees during the Vietnam War, doing three tours of duty 1960 Charles White decd) - US Army, Vietnam 1961 Virgil Blackwell - USAF (photo) 1961 Donnie Chesnut (decd) - US Army, served during the Berlin Crisis as a Spec 5 of the 49th Division at Fort Polk Louisiana 1961 Mickey Craig (decd) - US Army 1961 Ron Daskevich - USAF Academy, aviator 1961 James McGee (decd) - US Navy 1961 Richard Robie (decd) - US Army, Major, Vietnam 1961 Jim Robinson - US Army (1963-1966) 1961 Wayne Ross (decd) - US Army, helicopter pilot, Vietnam, received Bronze Star 1961 Tommy Smith - US Army, drafted in 1965, Vietnam 1961 David Webb (decd) - U.S. Army Reserve, 1967-71 1961 Gene White (decd) - US Army, 7th Infantry Division's 15th Artillery, Korea 1962 William Ables - US Navy, served in Vietnam for 3 years 1962 Bob Anderson (decd) - US Marines 1963-67, 1st Marine Division, Marine Barracks Pearl Harbor, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing 1962 Norman Carroll - NA 1962 Charles Fergeson (decd) - US Navy, 3 yrs., dentist 1962 Glen Fox - US Army, 1st Lieutenant, 1966-1968 1962 Roland Goodwin (decd) - US Air Force 1962 Don House (decd) - US Army 1962 David Lockwood - retired USAF CMSgt, 28 yrs., Vietnam, Thialand, Desert Storm 1962 Dayle Penney - USAF 1964-1968, Munitions Maintance, Bitburg Germany 1962 Earl Reeves, Jr. (decd) - MSGT, Vietnam 1962 David Rogers (decd) - US Army National Guard of Texas, 1964-1970, Sergeant in the 131st Arty. 1962 Dwight Squiers (decd) - USAF 1964-69, SGT E-4 Flight Engineer Specialist, Vietnam 1962 James Woodruff (decd) - US Army, served in Vietnam for 3 yrs., US Marines 1963 Charlie De Los Santos - USAF, Vietnam 1963-1967 1963 Denny Ewing - US Army 1978-1970 1963 Jimmy Fox (decd) - US Army National Guard 1967-73 1963 Millard Herweck - US Army 1966-1969 1963 Jerry Jones (decd) - US Air Force, jet engine mechanic, Vietnam, National Defense Service Medal, AF Outstanding Unit Award, Vietnam Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Sergeant 1963 Tommy Joyner (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, Purple Heart 1963 James Stephens (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, two Bronze Stars 1964 Albert Boggus - US Army 1966-1968, Rank SP4 1964 Kyge Edmonds (decd) - US Army 1966-69 1964 Dean Harrison (decd) - U.S. Army, 28 years, Korea & Vietnam, Purple Heart National Guard 1964 Roger Polston - NA 1964 Michael Sanders (decd) - US Army, 1961-64, served in France, SP4, medical corp. 1964 David Sutton (decd) - USAF, Capt., 1969-73, Vietnam, Distinguished Flying Cross 1965 Floyd Ainsworth - NA 1965 Royce Boone - USAF, 4 years, 1969-1973 1965 William Dunson - US Army 1966-69, served in Europe (Germany) and White Sands Missile Range as Crew-Chief/Flight Engineer for VIP Staff 1965 Joe W. Edwards (decd) - U.S. Navy, Mediterranean, Vietnam, Purple Heart. 1965 Douglas Fron - US Army 1965 Benny Harris - US Marines 1967-1971, discharged 1973, served 2 tours Vietnam 1968-1969, stationed Marine Security Guard Headquarters Washington D.C. 1969-1971 1965 Don Hartsfield (decd - US Army 1965 Kenneth Kime - NA 1965 Billy Lee (decd) - US Navy, Vietnam 1965 Jesse Renteria (decd - US Navy 1965 Robert Seymour - US Army 1965-1968, Vietnam 1967-68, Tet Offensive 1965 Kenneth Wier Jameson (decd) - USAF, Vietnam 1965 Jerry Warden - retired from US Army as a Colonel 1965 Billy Young (decd) - US Army, Vietnam 1966 David Hale Dunson (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman's Badge 1966 James Gryder (decd) - US Army Reserves, retired as Lt.Colonel 1966 Gary Hise (decd) - US Navy 1966 Joel Jimenez - US Army, Vietnam 1969, Purple Heart, Combat Honor 1966 Mike Landtroop - NA 1966 David Mahaffey - US Army, SP5, HQ's Company USARV, Special Troops, Long Binh, Vietnam (1969-70) 1966 Joe P. Miller (decd) - USAF 1966 Larry Monroe - US Army, Vietnam, Combat Veteran 1967-68 1966 Terry Sutton (decd) - US Army, Sergeant, Germany, 4 yrs. 1966 Jack Watson - served USAF Feb. 1967-July 1991, tours included: CCK Taiwan 1967-1968, Dyess AFB,TX 1968-1976, Eielson AFB, AK 1977-1979, Eglin AFB, Florida 1979-1991, retired as MSgt.(E-7) July 1991, No "Hands on" combat 1966 Billy Young (decd) - US Army, Vietnam 1967 Phil Brown (decd) - US Army, Vietnam 1967 Robert "Bob" Daskevich (decd) - USAF, Vietnam 1967 Dwight Dunn (decd) - Vietnam 1967 Dowell Hartsfield (decd) - US Navy, Medical Corps, dentist 1967 Steve Hernandez - Vietnam 1967 Larry Rodgers (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, KIA 1967 Kenneth Seymour - Vietnam 1967 E.J. Sharp (decd) - US Army, 1966-1968, SP/4, Thailand 1968 David Speed (decd) - US Air Force 1967 Johnny Vasquez - Vietnam 1967 Jerry White - Vietnam 1968 Rickey Bryan - US Navy, enlisted in 1969, Reserve obligation terminated in 1975, 4 yrs. including foreign and/or sea service for over two yrs, Machinist Mate "A" school, served on the USS Nitro ammunition ship AE-23, completed the US Naval Nuclear Power School and was assigned to duty on the USS Simon Bolivar nuclear submarine USSBN-641 for three yrs., completed a nuclear refueling/shipyard overhaul, and two Poseidon Missile patrols in the Atlantic & Mediterranean Sea, E-5, Machinist Mate 2nd Class 1968 Andrew Hamilton (decd) - US Navy, Vietnam 1968 Jimmy D. Hamilton (decd) - US Army 1968 Polo Hernandez - Vietnam 1968 Ricky Squyres - Vietnam 1968 Preston Sunday - US Army, Vietnam 1969 Larry Erwin (decd) - US Army, 82nd Airborne Division, 1970-72. 1970 Jimmy Alexander - USAF, Grenada invasion 1970 James Dixon - 1974 West Point graduate, served 5 1/2 years US Army, 3 in Germany 1970 Michael Noth - US Army 1972-74 1970 Bobby O'Neill (decd) - US Army 1970-1978, First Cavalry 1970 Larry Simpson - US Army, retired 1970 William Woods - US Army Officer 1971 Gary L. Poynor (decd) - US Army 1972 Ronnie Stroud - Vietnam 1972 Roland Sunday (decd) - USN 1975-86, Vietnam 1973 Mike Alexander - USAF Academy 1973 James Battle (decd) - US Army, Medic, Fort Bragg 1973 Bobby Clark, Jr. - US Navy, 1974 TO 1978 1973 Mark Dawson - US Army, retired Major, re-called to active duty in 2003 and retired again in 2005, (photo) 1973 Robert Halbert - USAF Academy 1974 Steve Childress - USAF (1975-1979) 1975 Robert Butler - US Army (1975-2000), Military Intelligence, First Sergeant (retired), Overseas Service (Germany, Bosnia, Ukraine & Kosovo), Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, & Armed Forces Reserve Medal 1976 Brenda Wells Oakley Hendrix (decd) - US Army 1979-80, disabled 1976 Joellen Hodge - US Army (1974-1980) 1977 Larry Howell (decd) - US Marine Reserves 1977 Roy Merritt - US Navy (1980-83), Construction Battalion. 1978 Hal Walton - NA 1984 Doug Flowers - US Marines, Desert Storm 1984 Paul Jenkins - US Army Reserve 1984 Richard Murray - US Marines 1984 James Ponder II - US Army 1984 Ben Weekes (decd) - US Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom 1985 Jule Shugart - US Marines 1985 Timothy Stewart - US Marines 1987 Jerry Davis - US Army, Desert Storm 1987 Robert Geraldon - US Navy, retired, 20 years, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Kuwait liberation 1988 Eric Bumgarner - US Army 1988 Robert Johnson - completed tour in Iraq as an armored cavalryman (2004-2005), earned 2 commendations & Combat Action Badge, now 40% disabled due to injuries 1989 Brandon Driskill - USAF 1989 Steven Gawlik (decd) - USAF 1991 Tony Castillo - US Army, 2 years in-country, Korea, also Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq 1991 Donna Gawlik Hardwick - US Army 1991 Shad Kline - US Navy 1991 Marshall Perkins - USAF 1991 Michael Porter - US Army 1991-96, reconnaissance, specialist overseas service included Germany & Kuwait, Army Commendation medal, Army Achievement medal, National Defense service ribbon, & good conduct medal 1991 Archie Stone - US Navy 1991-1994 1992 Christopher Bumgarner - USAF 1992 Sean Cockburn - US Army (1994-1998), Spc., served in Operations Intrinsic Action in Kuwait 1992 Chad Fox - US Marines 1993 Eric Hamilton - US Marines (1994-2001) 1995 Fred Barrett - US Navy, active 1996 William Fox - US Navy, 1998-2001 USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72: Operation Southern Watch, Persian Gulf, Aug.01-Jan.06 Lemoore, CA E-6, Air Traffic Control, separating from US Navy in 2006 1996 Lance E. West - US Army (retired), multiple combat tours in Iraq & Afgh, Computer Engineer 1997 Michael Linden - US Army, Korea Spec/4, 1998-2002 1997 Trey Norris - USAF, Currently active duty Staff Sergent, Operations (Southern Watch, Desert Fox, Allied Force, Northern Watch, Noble Anvil) 1997 Jason Walston - USAF 1998 Scott Harper - US Marine Corps, Lance Corporal, 4t Maint Battallion, Operation Iraqi Freedom 1998 Troy Taylor - US Marines, 6th Marine Regiment S-2, Operation Enduring Freedom, LCpl, active 1999 Christopher S. Hughes - US Marines, Camp Pendleton CA, active 1999 Larry Joe Martinez - USAF, active 2000 Victor Martinez - US Marines, Corporal, served time overseas 2001 Sonny Ainsworth - US Marines, active, Camp Pendleton CA 2001 Aaron Borchard - USAF, Iraq, active 2001 Robert Olgin - US Marines, Lance Corporal, active 2002 Bryan Archer - US Marines, 2002-08, Iraq 2002 Louise Daniels - US Marines, Okinawa Japan 2002 Robert Davis - US Army 2002 Justin King - USAF, active 2002 Grady Martin - US Marines 2002 Ronald Romero (decd) - US Marines, 2002-08, Corporal 2003 Jerry Poellnitz - US Army, SGT in Field Artillery, 2 tours in Iraq 2003 James Smith - US Marines, Iraq 2003 Roger Zarate - US Marines, Iraq 2004 Corky Dossey - US Army, active 2004 Jack Freeman - US Army, joined in 2004, Ft. Hood, active 2005 Sylvester Lopez - US Army, 3rd Infantry Division, Iraq, (photo) 2007 Justin Lee Riffle - US Army, joined March 2007, Iraq (photo) 2007 Ben Turnbow - TX National Guard, active 2008 Melissa Faye Hodge - US Army Reserves 2018 Troyce S. Charman - USAF Faculty: Dr. Price Ashton (decd) - US Air Corps, WWII, Maj. Faculty: David Allsup (decd)- US Army, WWII Faculty: Rayneal Baze (decd)- US Navy, WWII Faculty: James Clark (decd) - WWII veteran Faculty: Beverly Dudley (decd) - US Marines, Major, WWII, Guadalcanal Faculty: Jack Duvall (decd) - US Army, Germany Faculty: Frank S. Guttman (decd) - US Army, 1969-71 Faculty: Stanly Harper (decd) - US Navy, Vietnam, SeaBees, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal Faculty: Jerry Jackson (decd) - US Army, Korea Faculty: Morris Jefferies (decd) - US Army, WWII Faculty: H.G. Jennings (decd) - US Navy, WWII Faculty: Billy McKinnerney (decd) - US Navy Faculty: Richard McCarson (decd) - US Army, Vietnam Faculty: E.W. Mince (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII Faculty: Tom Peebles (decd) - US Air Force Faculty: Harold Prescott (decd) - US Army, WWII, Purple Heart, Bronze Star Faculty: Fred Steffey (decd) - US Navy, WWII, U.S. Army Reserve, Captain Faculty: Avery Sullivan (decd) - US Navy, aviator, WWII Faculty: Joe Wesley - Vietnam Faculty: John Wilhelm (decd) - WWII Others: Melvin Alexander (decd) - USAF, retired as Senior Master Sergeant, 22 years service, served in Vietnam Others: Coy Bargsley (decd) - WWII, 41st Division Others: Dennis D. Baughman (decd) - US Marines, Reserves Others: Jack C. Bearden (decd) - US Army Others: Doyle Beavers (decd) - US Army Veterinary Corps, two years Others: Johnny Hugh Bethany (decd) - US Navy Others: Bobby Bohler (decd) - US Army Others: Troyce Boone (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Ralph Boyvey (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, killed during training, husband of Mary Rose O'Neil of RHS-1936 Others: Samuel Boston (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Jim Earl Brothers (decd) - US Navy, WWII Others: James Van Brown (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Seldon Brown (decd)- US Marines, WWII Others: Earl Burton (decd) - US Army Others: Nolan Mayfield Butler (decd)- US Navy, WWII Others: George Chancellor (decd - US Army 1955-58, Germany Others: Jack L. Cogburn (decd) - US Navy, WWII Others: Donald Conzett (decd) - US Navy, 1955-74 Others: James S. Cosper (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Korea Others: Rickey Lee Cox (decd) - US Army, Vietnam Others: Ray Cundiff (decd) - US Army Others: Anthony F. Daskevich (decd) - US Army, WWII, Brigadier General Others: Billy W. Davis (decd - USAF, 15 yrs. Others: Vernon Deffebach (decd) - US Army, WWI Others: William "Jody" Dunson (decd) - US Navy, WWII Others: Donnal Rex Elrod (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Bobby England - US Army Others: Marlon Ewing (decd) - US Army, Korea, US Navy, Vietnam (CPO and MSGT) Others: Mack Funderburk (decd) - US Marines Others: William Gildner (decd) - US Army, Korea Others: Morris Gill (decd) - US Navy, Korea, aircraft carrier Antietam, flew bombing missions as radar engineer. Others: Dr. Luther Gohlke (decd) - US Army, 49th Armored Division Others: Bill Guess (decd) - WWII, Purple Heart Medal, European Theater with Company L (11th Infantry) Others: Elton Heath (decd) - US Navy, WWII Others: Bill R. Herod (decd) - US Army, Korea Others: Jack Herrington (decd) - US Navy, Navy Seabees Others: Paul Higginbotham (decd) - US Navy, WWII Others: J.B. Horn (decd) - US Army, WWII, awarded the American Defense Service Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic- Pacific Theater Ribbon, Bronze Star Others: Earnest Houghton (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Freddie H. Johnson (decd) - US Army, Korea Others: Dr. P.M. Kuykendall (decd) - Captain in France during WWI Others: Arldene Lasater (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Harold E. Lewis - US Army Others: Alfred Gene Loper (decd) - US Army, Korea, 2 Bronze Stars, one Silver Star Others: James A. Mangham (decd) - US Navy, WWII Others: Dr. Billy Joe Maynard (decd) - US Naval Reserves, WWII, Army Medical Corps, 1st Lieutenant, Germany Others: Thomas McBay (decd) - US Army, 8th Cavalry, WWII, Japan Others: Keith McDonald (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII Others: Burl McGraw (decd) - US Army, 270th Field Artillery Unit of Patton's Army in Europe, earned 5 Bronze Stars Others: James R. Miller (decd) - US Navy Others: W.L. Milner (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII, Staff Sergeant in the 8th Army Air Force, POW, EAME Service Medal with three bronze battle stars, the American Theatre Service Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, Air Medal and the Purple Heart Others: Clarence Misimien (decd - USAF, Korea, Vietnam Others: Federick E. Mitchell (decd) - US Navy, SeeBee, Vietnam Others: Joseph Mitchell (decd) - US Army Others: Gary D. Murphy (decd) - US Navy & Coast Guard Others: James Nash (decd) - US Army National Guard Others: Don Neville (decd) - US Navy Others: Joseph Nuessle - US Army Air Corps, ROTC, piloted a B-25 bomber based on Corsica and flew some 59 missions Others: Wesley Poynor (decd) Others: Larry Rainey (decd) - US Army 1968-70, Vietnam Others: Ardis Clyde Reid (decd)- US Army, WWII Others: Donald R. Conzett (decd) - U.S. Navy, 1955-74 Others: Clifton Renfro (decd) - USAF, Master Sargent Others: Kenneth Lee Roberson (decd) - US Army, Nuremberg, Germany for 2 yrs. Others: Alton L. Rogers - US Army Others: Ben Vincent Sancillo (decd) - US Navy, USAF, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, 22 yrs. Others: Buck Schlumbahm (decd) - USAF & Army, 31 yrs., Vietnam Others: Jerry Don Sharp (decd) - US Marines Others: Joseph Sklenar (decd) - USAF Others: Vernon Sorgee Jr. (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, Bronze & Silver Star Others: James W. Stevens (decd) - US Army, Korea Others: Michael Sublett (decd) - US Marine Corps, Vietnam Others: Terrance W. Sutton - US Army, 1971-73 Others: Fred Tibbels (decd) - US Army, WWI, pic Others: Robert Trumbore (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Perry Vinson (decd) - US Army, WWII, Asiatic-Pacific Theater & Philippine Liberation Others: Robert J. Walker (decd) - National Guard Others: Hal Walton Sr. (decd) - US Army, 1954-1972 Others: Junior Warden (decd) - US Army, WWII Others: Dr. W.P. Watkins (decd) - US Army Medical Corps, WWII, field surgeon, Bronze Star Others: Walter M. Wells (decd) - US Army, in 1961-64 (Rifle M-1) and Expert (Rifle M-14) Others: Frank H. White (decd) - US Marines, 24 yrs. active Others: Denver Whitley (decd) - US marines, WWII RJC: Roy Barrett (decd) - US Marines RJC: Jessie Thomas Berry (decd) - US Army, Vietnam RJC: Gene Bland (decd) - US Army, 1954-56 RJC: Wilbur Boone (decd) - US Navy, WWII, USS Wasp RJC: James Calvert (decd) - USAF, WWII, top gunner in a B-26, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart RJC: Bobby R. Compton (decd) - Army National Guard RJC: Charles B. Coston (decd) - US Army, Korea, Staff Sergeant RJC: T.R. Craig (decd) - US Navy, WWII, 1943-45 as a Navy Electrician aboard the destroyer-tender, the USS Yosemite in the Pacific Fleet RJC: Jimmie Max Crawley (decd) - killed in Korea RJC: Billy Joe Dennis (decd) - USAF, retired with 21 yrs. service RJC: John Denton (decd) - US Army RJC: Drannon Edmison (decd) - US Navy RJC: Wendell Winston Farmer (decd) - US Navy, WWII RJC: Max B. Fly (decd) - US Navy RJC: James A. Keeferd (decd) - US Army RJC: Albert Fulcher (decd) - USAF, Korea RJC: Donald R. Gaither, Sr. (decd) - US Navy, Special Forces RJC: Mark Griffis (decd) - US Marines RJC: Ray Dale Grounds (decd) - US Army, Korea, Army Occupation Medal 'Japan', United Nations Service Medal, Korean Service Medal with One Bronze Service Star, & Combat Infantry Badge RJC: Waymond Greenwood (decd) - US Army Reserve RJC: Harley Hawkins (decd) - US Army, Korea, Medic, 1948-52 RJC: August Fred Haechten, Jr. (decd) - US Army, Korea RJC: Carroll Wayne Hogan (decd) - US Army RJC: Carl A. Howard (decd) - US Army, 1951-53 RJC: Paul E. Howard (decd) - USAF, 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron RJC: Freddie Dean Jenkins (decd) - US Army, Vietnam RJC: Elgin Ray Jones (decd) - US Army, 3rd Engineer Combat Battallion RJC: Lyndon Key (decd) - US Army, Korea RJC: Harvey W. Kickam (decd) - US Army, Korea RJC: Jackson A. King (decd) - US Navy RJC: Hugh F. Lowe (decd) - US Army, 1954+, Germany RJC: David Mailloux (decd) - US Navy RJC: Raul V. Marquez (decd) - US Army, 1971 RJC: Peter Martinez (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, Bronze Star, Air Star RJC: Ernest Mayfield (decd) - US Army, 1952-54 RJC: George McBee (decd) - US Army & Reserves, Korea, combat stars RJC: Conard Miller (decd) - US Army RJC: R.P. Mitchell (decd) - USAF, WWII, Corporal, B-17 tail gunner RJC: Sergio Moriel Jr. (decd) - US Navy RJC: Royce Morton (decd) - US Army RJC: Henry Joe Oats (decd) - US Army, Korea RJC: T.C. Pittman, Jr. (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII RJC: Robert Coleman Pope (decd) - US Navy, nuclear submarine USS Grant (1960-1966) RJC: Homer D. Price (decd) - US Army RJC: Jimmy Puryear (decd) - US Navy (1948-1952), USS Perch (SS-313) RJC: James W. Reece (decd) - US Army RJC: Charlie C. Rose - US Army, WWII RJC: Thomas J. Shaw (decd) - US Marine Corps RJC: Weldon Loyd Smith (decd) - US Army, Germany RJC: Gregory Don Spencer (decd) - US Navy RJC: Berry Wesley Sullivan - US Army RJC: Virgil Vahlenkamp (decd) - US Army, Korea RJC: Hubbert E. Vaughan, Jr. (decd) - National Guard RJC: Jackie Wayne Williams (decd) - US Army (1953-55), military police, Germany RJC: Robert M. Williams (decd) - USAF RJC: John B. Woodfin (decd) - US Army 1953, military police NOTE: This page is dedicated to those who have served in the US military. Please send names, RHS graduation year or "attended RHS", branch of service, highest rank achieved, years of service, if currently living or deceased and please note if "killed in action." Overseas service during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm or other action should be noted. This veteran list may not be complete. It does not show how a veteran was discharged. Ranger Vietnam Veteran Memorial DFW National Cemetery (Photos)