Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1956

Jerry Don White JERRY DON WHITE, 30, was born August 19, 193 & died in Oct. of 1969 and was in the Ranger High School Class of 1956 at Ranger, TX. His father was Jessie White (RHS-1934) of Ranger and his brother was Brad White (RHS-1969). Brenda Sue and Diane White were his sisters. He & Ralph Frank (RHS-1954) were the managers of the Ranger Bulldog State Champion team during the school year 1953-1954. After graduation, Jerry joined the U.S. Air Force and served four years. In 1957, he married Beverly Ann Moore (RHS-1958). They had four children, JeriAnn, Steve, Cindy and Vicki. They lived in Garland where Jerry worked for GeoTech and later became a stock- broker for Merrill-Lynch in Dallas until his death from a heart attack at age 31. Beverly later married Carl Cherry and they live in Garland, TX.