Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1939 RJC

M.L. Baskin M.L. & Henry Baskin M.L. BASKIN, 49, died Jan. 1, 1971 in Houston and was buried next to his mother at Evergreen Cemetery in Ranger, TX. M.L. & his identical twin brother H.L. Baskin (RHS- 1939) were born in Gorman TX on Nov 16, 1922 to Henry Baskin & Myrtle Clement Baskin & grew up in Ranger, graduating from Ranger High School in 1939 at the age of 16. In Nov 1927, two days after the twins fifth birthday, they & their mother were hit by an eastbound passenger train in their Ford sedan at the Prairie Crossing in Ranger. H.L. was seriously injured and unconscious for several hours & in the hospital for several days. M.L. had an ugly cut on his forehead. Myrtle was only slightly injured. M.L. & H.L. were both attending the University of Texas but withdrew and joined the Navy when World War II began. They were both telegraph operators, but on different ships. M.L. married Jeannie Reeves in Odessa, TX in 1957. They had two sons: M.L. Jr., known as Mark and Roy Cecil. The twins had an older sister, Vashti Baskin Yonker (RHS-1930).