Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1948 RJC

Georgeanne Rogers Chancellor GEORGEANNE ROGERS CHANCELLOR passed peacefully from this world to the next on April 3, 2022, following several months of declining health. She leaves behind two children, nine grandchildren, nineteen great-grand- children (soon to be twenty!) and two completely full storage units, all of which she dearly loved! Interment was at the Ft. Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso, TX. Georgeanne was born on Sept. 12, 1931 to George Morrow Rogers and Phyllis Dixie Williams in Ranger, TX. A misspelling of her name on her birth certificate (not unusual in Texas in the 1930's) caused her repeated frustrations throughout her life when she married, got a passport, driver's license and other documents. She probably should have just gone by the "Georgiann" that was on the certificate! Always a bright and precocious child, she was able to skip right over first grade due to having attended her mother's home kindergarten class. After being moved to the second grade, she met a young boy, George Chancellor, who would many years later become her beloved husband. Georgie and George's families' paths crossed many times as they moved about during the 1930s and 1940s due to the economic conditions in the Southwest during the Depression. Eventually, Georgie's family moved back to Ranger, Texas, where she graduated from Ranger High School in 1948 and attended Ranger Jr. College. She was the homecoming queen of Ranger College and went on to attend Baylor University. She rightly deduced that a career in theater was unlikely for a young Texas girl in the 1940s and switched her major to business, a move that allowed her to find a job in New York City after graduation & be closer to young George Chancellor, who was a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. They married on June 26, 1954 at the First Methodist Church of Ranger following George's graduation from West Point and commissioning in in the Army as a Second Lieutenant. Their choice of church, while unlikely for two young Baptists, was probably due to the fact that the back door of the church faced the side door of Georgie's parent's house, making it a convenient venue. There followed many happy years of moving around the country and world, interrupted only by George's tour in Vietnam. Many of their Army years were spent at the Military Academy at West Point where George taught chemistry. Always a lover of books and reading, Georgie earned a master's degree in library science while George was getting his PhD in chemistry at Arizona State University. She later worked as a librarian at Ladycliff College in Highland Falls, New York. While living at West Point, Georgie had the opportunity to serve in many capacities, including entertaining with style, hosting cadet families, cheering on Army football, being president of the Officer's Wives club and mentoring young officer's wives. After George's retirement from the Army, they moved to El Paso, TX, where Georgie would live for the next 40 years. She became a fixture in El Paso real estate, becoming a realtor and broker and teacher at the real estate college. She was also very active in the Texas Republican party. She had very strong opinions about politics and was not shy about sharing them. A little over two years ago, Georgie sold her home in El Paso and relocated to Utah to be closer to her children and their kids and their kids, many of whom live in Utah and Colorado. She had a ninetieth birthday bash last July & her health began to decline after that. Following surgery and several months of rehab, her health deteriorated to the point that nothing more could be done. She died peacefully early in the morning of April 3, 2022. Georgie was preceded in death by her husband George and son Bill, her parents, and sister Gloria Rogers Posas (RHS-1947). She is survived by her daughter Anne (Kent) Bills & son Wayne (Cory) Chancellor, nine grandchildren, nineteen great-grandchildren, her sister Kathy Rogers (RHS-1960, Harold Bowen), many nieces and nephews, and one obnoxious and loud cat, Minnie, who is living her best life with Georgie's oldest granddaughter, Sarah, down in southern Utah. HUSBAND: GEORGE WAYNE CHANCELLOR died of lung cancer on Sept. 3, 1988 at Fort Bliss, TX. He was born on Sept. 3, 1930 in Mullin, TX. In 1937 his family moved to Hot Springs, NM. He graduated from Hot Springs High School in 1949. He entered the Military Academy in June 1950 and graduated in June 1954. He married Georgeanne Rogers of Ranger, TX in June of 1954. George's first tour of duty was in Germany from 1955-58. He served in B Battery, 14th Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd Armored Division, Baumholder, Germany, as battery executive officer, battery commander and assistant S-3, and also spent one year as aide-de-camp to the division artillery commander, Seventh Army and the chief of staff, Seventh Army in Stuttgart, Germany. From 1959-61, George attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, where he received a Master of Science in chemistry. In 1961, he was assigned as an instructor to the Chemistry Department, USMA. Upon completing a three- year tour, he attended the Field Artillery Career Course at Fort Sill, OK, and Fort Bliss, & the West Coast Defense Language Institute at Monterey, CA. From July 1965-July 1966, George attended the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS. In Aug. 1967 he returned to the Chemistry Department at USMA. During this three-year tour, George was selected as a permanent associate professor and executive officer of the Department of Chemistry. George received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ in 1972 and returned to West Point, where he served in the Chemistry Department until his retirement in 1978. George and Georgeanne retired to El Paso, where George worked as a math consultant for the Texas Education Agency's Region XIX Education Service Center from 1978-82. In 1982 George joined Georgeanne in the field of real estate and became very active in the profession. He was on the board of directors of the El Paso Real Estate Credit Union, served as vice-chairman and chairman of the Board of Realtors Grievance Committee, and taught several courses at the Academy of Real Estate. He served as the local president and district director of the Exchange Club of East El Paso. Upon his death, the El Paso Board of Realtors instituted a Memorial Education Fund in his memory with the University of Texas at El Paso. This was a most appropriate tribute, as, above all else, George was a teacher. He is survived by his wife, Georgeanne; a daughter, Anne Bills; two sons, Wayne M. Chancellor and William J. Chancellor; and six lovely granddaughters.