Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1940

WWII THOMAS WELDON "IKE" HALE, 21, was the son of Vergie Mae Huckabay & Thomas Effert Hale, born Oct. 2, 1921, in Lorenzo, TX. He was in the Ranger High School Class of 1940 at Ranger, TX. With his mother's permission, he joined the U.S. Army before he was of age. He was a sergeant in Co. I, 142nd Infantry, 36th Division when he was killed in action at Altaville, Italy on Sept. 15, 1943 during WWII. Thomas' mother, Mrs. Hale received a certificate dated September 13, 1945, and signed by G.C. Boswell, stating in part, "The Ranger Public Schools, his fellow students, teachers and the citizens of this community hold in reverent memory Thomas Weldon Hale who gave his life for his country. May the great sacrifice he has made help to promote perpetual peace and further the welfare of our nation and the freedom and security of mankind. He shall be remembered as long as time shall endure." The Hales had rented a home in Ranger and before Thomas left for overseas he told his mother that she was his beneficiary if anything happened to him and that, if it did, he hoped that she would take the money and buy her- self a home of her own. She did just that and bought a two-story house on Oak Street where she lived until after Mr. Hale died in 1956. Interestingly enough, the house still stands but was moved to Eastland, restored inside and out, and is now home to Guardian Title Co. Thomas had six siblings: a sister, Mable Morine who died in 1913; there were four brothers, Joseph Twyman Hale (RHS-1934), Albert Dealon Hale, Thomas Weldon Hale (RHS- 1940) and Leslie Udell Hale (RHS-1949); and a sister, Linnie Aurelia Hale.