Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1937

Bob Johnson ROBERT EDWARD "BOB" JOHNSON, 95, of Fort Worth, TX passed away on June 2, 2016, wit interment at Greenwood Memorial Park. Robert Edward "Bob" Johnson was born Nov. 1, 1920, in Ranger, TX to Robert Edward Johnson Sr. & Mary Gould. They were a close-knit family that included Bob's brother, Alvin Willis Johnson (RHS-1941) of Karnes City, & sister, Mary Frances Johnson Eaton (RHS-1939) of Anchorage, AK. Bob attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1937. The Johnsons' cultivated a large garden on an adjoining lot and freely shared their bounty with neighbors during the Great Depression. Some neighbors became lifelong friends. Bob continued the tradition of generosity throughout his life, sharing pecans from his yard and vegetables from his garden. He was famous for arriving at family gatherings and homes of his neighbors with delicious homemade goodies, especially soup, cookies and pies. Even in his nineties, he cooked nine pies at Christmas for special people in his life, including his doctors. He had a long and successful career in the aviation industry, a vital supplier during World War II. He was among the first group to begin working at North American Aviation in Dallas in Dec. of 1940. Bob's aviation expertise was put to good use during his time in the navy. While working at North American, he went to the draft board and requested that his deferment be removed so he could join the war effort. He served in Oklahoma, California and Rhode Island, where he was an instructor in the aircraft & repair shops, teaching seamen how to treat metals. He achieved the rank of 2nd Class Metalsmith. In 1946, he was discharged &, along with his brother, treated his parents to a nice vacation out west before returning to Texas. After the war, Bob worked in Fort Worth for Consolidated Vultee and General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin). He retired after 40 years in 1986 as a Senior Test Analyst in the Metallurgy Group's Engineering Test Lab. He met his wife, Lucy Wynnelle Oliver, when she worked in the "B Plant" building bombers during the war. They married in Feb. of 1947. Bob & Wynnelle spent most of their married life in Fort Worth's Westworth Village. In the early years she worked at Southwestern Bell. When their sons, Robert Warren and Marshall Garth, were born, Wynnelle became a full-time mother. Bob continued to work at the aircraft plant, attending TCU during his off hours. Their focus was a loving family life with church and school activities, such as ROTC, Boy Scouts and Texas Boys Choir. Bob served as committee chairman, Troop 18, Boy Scouts of America, which met at Ridglea Methodist Church. Their sons went to college, and soon Bob & Wynnelle welcomed daughters- in-law and grandchildren. They were especially thrilled when a great grandchild was given the middle name of Wynnelle. They remained active following Bob's retirement. After 62 years of marriage, Wynnelle passed away Sept. 24, 2009. Bob continued to travel on occasion and kept up his tradition of cheerful generosity to family and friends. He was vibrant and active with interesting memories to share, a truly lovable man who will be greatly missed by many and remembered always with affection for his care for others. Bob was preceded in death by his wife, Lucy Wynnelle Johnson, and his sister, Mary Frances Johnson Eaton. Survivors at the time of his death were sons, Robert Warren and Marshall Garth Johnson; brother Alvin Willis Johnson; three granddaughters; five great-grandchildren; and many other loving family members and friends.