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    The 2013-2014 Ski Season has begun and skiing is great!  See you on the slopes!

    *  Skiing is great this season. We have been skiing with our friends at Mountain Creek since Hidden Valley is closed for the 2013-2014 ski season.    The totals are reported on the chart below.  Come join the fun!

    Ski Season On Snow Report for Buffy & John

    Hidden Valley Club Mountain Creek Away from the Hidden Valley Club Total Days on Snow
    This 2013-2014 - Ski Season 0 21 0 21
    2012-2013 - Ski Season 0 85 5 90
    2011-2012 - Ski Season 61 8 10 79
    2010 - 2011 - Ski Season 75 9 13 97
    2009-2010 - Ski Season 85 3 8 96

    *  We were at Mountain Creek for its opeing on Saturday, December 29th last ski season and photographed the event including some of our lift attendent friends and season pass holders looking for their first runs of the year.  John wrote a newspaper article about the Mountain Creek opening which was published in the AIM newspaper.  You can read the article by clicking HERE. Enjoy the skiing - see you on the slopes.

    1st on the lift for the 2013 ski season at Mountain Creek

    Buffy and Bob Fassee just before the Grand Opening for 2013

    John & Buffty with Mountian Creek friends ready to kick off the ski season


    Our snow man snow fall guage shows we got just about 3 inches of snow

    Just a bit more snow and we would be able to ski our of our back door.  Not long now.


    Some Fun Events of Past Years at the Hidden Valley Club

    Buffy & John have enjoyed teaching thier little ski buddies to ski and have fun on the slopes.

    Coach John with his 3 year old ski buddy Eva.

    Coach John with ski buddies at the bottom of Chicken Delight


    Lulu and Coach John celebrate another run on Chicken.

    Snow fell on Saturday, January 21st making skiing fun at the HVC.


    Buffy & John kicked off the 2011-2012 ski season with some of their ski buddies at the annual HVARA ski trip to Sugarbush in Vermont, December 9th - 11th.

         The annual HVARA ski trip group photo - The Sugarbush Inn - Saturday, December 10, 2011

        The blizzard of October 29th and 30th provided a Record start to skiing at Hidden Valley.  The earliest start ever!

        John hits the Chicken Delight Ski Slope at Hidden Valley - October 30th 2011

        Some of the 2010-2011 ski season fun at the Tavern on the Mountain last ski season.  Join the fun!

        This is the annual photograph taken of friends and family members at the Tavern on the Mountain during the 2010 - 2011 ski season. 

        The End of an ERA!  This web site will close down as the HVARA web site.  Why?  The HVARA has decided to open a new web site,, and the Hidden Valley Club no longer posts the link to this web site on their web page.  To continue this site as the HVARA web site would be confusing to members and redundant. HVARA Hidden Valley Alpine Racing Association Web Site, HVARA, Skiing, Ski Racing, Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Alpine Ski Racing, New Jersey Skiing  

        The site will be converted to Buffy & John's winter skiing and ski racing site and remain available as a link on their web site.  Some information contained on the site will be deleted.  Anyone interested in purchasing web site content and/or its domain name ( should contact the site's Web Master Dr. John T. Whiting.  If friends, HVARA or the Hidden Valley Club wish to have information about skiing posted on the new site they can contact the Web Master.

* The Evaluation of the 2011 HVC Ski Season has been completed.  To download the Evaluation Report click HERE.

* The 2011 17th Annual Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic was played on Saturday, April 23rd.  It was a fun day.  Money was raised to purchase radios to support the Hurricane & Hot Shot Racing Program.  For more on this fun event click HERE.

The golfers in the 2011 17th Annual Hidden Valley Closed Golf Classic

*  Buffy & John extended the ski season by spending 6 days at Belleayre Mountain.

It snowed at Belleayre Mountain April 1st - "April Fool!"

And the skiing was super!

The results of the 2011 H & HS Fun Race held Sunday March 6th 2011 click HERE.

A Fun Race Photo &/or Jimbo Video CD of the 2011 Fun Race can be purchased by clicking HERE.

It was a FUN ski season.  Thanks Parents, young ski buddies and fellow coaches for making it special!

Spring has sprung at Hidden Valley...but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature

Buffy & John at Black Bear GC following skiing at Mt. Creek - Sunday March 20, 2011

Top of Chicken Delight at HV - Monday March 21, 2011

The 2011 Hurricane & Hot Shot Ski Racing Program Photo

The Youth League Race at Hidden Valley was fun.  Some photos of parents and racers below.

The Hurricane & Hot Shot Racing Program is in full swing and the kids are having FUN!

The youngest Hurricanes celebrate their 1st time on the top of the mountain.

Coach Stephanie with her Hot Shots at the top of the triple chair.

Ski Buddy Kyle gets ready to hit the slopes...

Coaches Jack and Nancy help their young racers learn the "athletic stance"

Congratulations to our Ski Patrol Buddy Chris on qualifying for his Hidden Valley Ski Patrol Jacket!

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