The Gemini Device



Episode Title Author
301 A Hard Decision (Part 2) Ryan Evans
302 Cat Jokes Tyran Nige
303 Planning A Surprise Dinara Jin
304 New Assignment Tyran Nige
305 A Time For Rest Kira Markos
306 Working On The Ronin Link McCloud
307 Back To Work Ryan Evans
308 A Time For Work Kira Markos
309 April Fool Tyran Nige
310 A Run In With The Romulans Ryan Evans
311 The Cat Could Be A Problem Dinara Jin
312 The Cat Gains It's First Allies Tyran Nige
313 The Valarians Ryan Evans
314 No Longer Alone Tyran Nige
315 Straight To Business Ryan Evans
316 First Contact Kira Markos
317 Interloper Kira Markos
318 Rationale Kira Markos
319 Unexpected Twist Kira Markos
320 The Gemini Device At Last! Tyran Nige
321 A Hectic Day Ryan Evans
322 Leaving Valaria Tricia McMillan
323 A Ship Wide Tour Tyran Nige
324 That Darn Cat Tricia McMillan
325 That Darn Cat (Again) Tricia McMillan
326 The Trouble With Two Kira Markos
327 Discernment Kira Markos
328 The Pluroria Asteroid Field Ryan Evans
329 Deep Space 11 Ryan Evans
330 If I Could Turn Back Time Ryan Evans
331 Clearing Things Up Ryan Evans
332 A Bit Of Advice Ryan Evans
333 A Bad Move Ryan Evans
334 Last Ride A.J. Talsmin
335 Too Drunk To Command Ryan Evans
336 Unexpected Encounter Kira Markos
337 Identity Confirmed Tyran Nige
338 Temporary Retreat Tricia McMillan
339 Double Or Quit (Part 1) Tricia McMillan
340 Double Or Quit (Part 2) Tricia McMillan
341 Karissa Bentara Ryan Evans
342 A Beginning Karissa Bentara
343 A Deeper Shade Of Blue Ryan Evans
344 Saying Good-Bye So Soon? Karissa Bentara
345 Dead In Space Tricia McMillan
346 Near Death Experience Tricia McMillan
347 Hasty Departure Tyran Nige
348 Repairs Steven Gregholt
349 Beaten To It Tyran Nige
350 The Rescue Karissa Bentara
351 Double Proposal Tyran Nige
352 On The Eve Of Destruction Kira Markos
353 The Survivors Tyran Nige
354 All The Small Things Tyran Nige
355 Sisters And Friends Tricia McMillan
356 Clean Bill Of Health Ryan Evans
357 The Search Begins Tricia McMillan
358 Escape From Alcatraz (Part 1) Tricia McMillan
359 Escape From Alcatraz (Part 2) Tricia McMillan
360 Behind Closed Doors Jeffrey Pike
361 A Prayer Answered William Hancock
362 The Recovery Kira Markos
363 The Captain's Chair Ryan Evans
364 New Home William Hancock
365 Reporting For Duty Sean O'Neal
366 Something Found William Hancock
367 The Reunion Tyran Nige
368 Command Decisions (Part 1) Ryan Evans
369 Command Decisions (Part 2) Ryan Evans
370 Messy Business Ming Wang