"The Rescue"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Karissa Bentara
Date: April 12, 2384
Location: L - Class Moon

Tyran and Karissa followed the Ronin crew doubles down the hill as quietly as possible. Tyran did notice, however, that Karissa's movements were very light and she hardly made a sound, while because of his pain, he moved slower and with more noise. Though not enough to jeopardize their position. He was even having a hard time keeping up with her. Suddenly, she stopped. He followed suit and they took cover. The doubles had found the other Ronin crew . . . They had appraoched the group and started talking with them.

"Oh, this is bad . . ." she whispered to Tyran. "They really think those guys are the real deal! None of them suspect that those officers are doubles . . ."

"Maybe we should -" Tyran started.

But Karissa interrupted. "We could, but why don't you let me come up with something . . . The Tyran down there would have thought everything you are thinking now . . . That gives up a serious disavantage . . . "

Tyran nodded. "What do you suggest?" he asked.

"Make your way through the brush, to the back of the crew without being seen . . . I'll wait for you to get in position and then get these guys attention . . ."

"Then what?" he asked.

She smirked. "You'll see . . ."

She watched him disappear though the dense foliage.One she sensed he was in place, she suddenly stepped out from her hiding place. Everyone was taken by surprise.

"Hey, everyone!" she said, smiling. "Do you know that those three are duplicates created by the Gemini Device?"

The Ronin crew suddenly looked at McQueen, Fenris and Tyran and then back to Commander Bentara, not sure who to believe . . . but within moments, Fenris and McQueen lunged for her, while the duplicate Tyran was suddenly face to face with the Tyran original who had stepped out of his hiding plcae. With fury, the duplicates launched themselves at the true Starfleet Officers that posed a threat to these crewmen they were trying to rescue.

Kara easily, jumped into the air and over the men's heads and landed on her feet, turning to face them. There was fire in their eyes as they viewed her as the enemy. As Fenris lunged at her again, she deflected his blow as if he were no more than a doll and landed a blow to his mid-section. Losing his air, he crumpled to the ground. Kara lost no time, as McQueen then came after her. After a few exchanged blows, she'd had enough. He tried to pin her arms behind her, only to have her manage an jump that flipped her behind him. She saw that he was drawing a phaser and within one deft movement, snapped his neck. From the corner of her eye, she saw that Tyran was holding his own against his double. Because of her abilities, she knew which one was which . . . However, the fight was a match . . . though Tyran was starting to get winded from fighting with his healthier double . . . She'd have to do something about that, she thought.

"So we meet at last" Tyran (D) said as he landed anothe blow on Tyrans face.

Tyran coughed up some blood and ducked down and tackled the duplicate to the ground. Tyran gave a few kicks to his counterparts ribs, but he managed to get a hold of Tyrans leg and flip him up. The duplicate quickly regained his composure and dropped on Tyran landing his elbow in his already painful ribs. Tyran cried out in pain and tried to push his duplicate off him as his hands slowly gripped his neck.

"No!" cried Dinara! You're going to kill him!

Suddenly, a surprised yelp got Karissas attention. Karissa turned to see the Fenris double holding a woman against her will with a phaser at her head. She sensed it was Dinara . . . She could see the fear in the woman's eyes, suddenly in such a vulnerable position where her life was being threatened.

"Who are you?" Fenris asked. "I don't recognize you from the crew . . ."

"You wouldn't," she replied simply.

"Well, whoever you are, leave . . . Take him with you too . . . Or I will kill Dinara Jin . . ."

"Hardly sounds rational . . . and I don't think either Tyran would appreciate that very much," she replied.

Then, he made the mistake she had been waiting for. He turned to look toward the two Tyrans still fighting, unaware of the drama being played out only a few yards away. She took the oportunity to slip a knife out from under her shirt. With one, deft motion, she sent the blade flying. It hit the Fenris double in the throat. Instantly, he let go of Dinara and clutched at his throat. He managed to pull the blade out, within a few moments, he was dead. Dinara, practically crumpled to the ground as Karissa came up to her.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

Dinara nodded. "Yeah . . ." she replied, still shaken.

"Good," Kara replied and then headed to help Tyran.

It was obvious that Tyran was now very winded, though he had held his own against his duplicate. He had managed to get on his feet once more, but it now looked like a boxing match with the odds severely stacked in the favour of Tyrans duplicate. Tyran was not landing any punches himself but now using all his energy to defend himself. His duplicate, not having the injuries sustained during the battle with the Borg, was using his advantage . . . Karissa knew that if she didn't do something, Tryan, the original, was going to suffer more serious injuries than what he already had.

The duplicate sudenly stopped and gave Tyran a drop kick to his chest. Tyran fell to the ground and lay there motionless. His ribs were now broken again and he was in too much pain to carry on.

The duplicate stood over Tyran and laughed while slowly picking up his phaser rifle. He took aim at Tyran

Like a cat, Karissa walked up to the fray and within seconds, had the Tyran duplicate's wrist behind his back. His rifle fell to the floor as he tried struggling to get free, but she just put her knee into his lower back and he fell to the ground instantly. She kept her knee on his back and held him so that with just enough pressure, she could break it . . . if he pushed her to that point. But she wanted at least one of them alive for questioning . . . As she held him immobilized, she yelled out for the doctor and the emergency med kit, which she knew Dr. Jin had.

"What do you need out of it?" she asked.

"I want a hypo spray filled with 6cc of Loraziphan. That should keep this double knocked out until we can question him . . ."

"You'll never keep me!" mumbled the duplicate.

Jin gave Kara the hypospray and, Kara injected it into the common artery in his neck. Within seconds, Tyran the copy, was unconscious . . .

With a sigh, Kara got up, and then looked toward the real Tyran. He was trying to catch his breath and he was holding his ribs. That wasn't a good sign, she thought. She also saw Dinara kneeling by his side with worry and questions . . . They didn't have much time before they had to leave, but she wouldn't say anything just yet. She could sense that everyone needed just a few minutes to process what they had witnessed.

Kara walked over to the bodies of Fenris and McQueen and sighed s she knelt down. She didn't like taking life. Not even in situations like this . . . But she did what she had to . . . As she processed her own emotions, she stood and looked around. They had to get going . . . before more of the duplicae crew decided to show up.

Not wanting to alarm everyone, she telepathically projected to Tyran, We need to get everyone out of here. Its not safe.

He struggled up and nodded imperceptably, except to her. He had thought the exact same thing. For a moment, their eyes locked in understanding. However, Dinara caught it, but didn't know what to make of it . . . But she was already feeling so many emotions as it were, she wasn't ready to ask about it. Maybe later, when she calmed down. Then she would ask Tyran what that was about and who this woman was that had come with him to save them from these starfleet officers, their crewmates, who weren't real . . . But for now, she just wanted to be with Tyran and get off this planet.