"Reporting For Duty"

Author: Lieutenant JG Sean O'Neal
Date: April 22, 2384
Location: USS Federation

A rather average size young man was standing outside the Captains Ready room. The new Ronin, was intrepid class. Something rather new to this Young Man. He took a deep breath, and pressed the door chime. Then the word came over.


The young man walked in and saw the Captain at his desk, and walked up to hit and put his duffle down and stood at attention.

"Lieutenant JG Sean O'Neil, reporting for duty."

The Captain looked over the young Lieutenant, and gave a friendly smile. "At ease, Lieutenant."

Sean went to parade rest, which was arms behind the back, and legs spread apart, about 12 inches. He then reached into his duffle, and pulled out his orders.

"Very good. I need a Chief Security Officer, rather badly, mainly cause of Admiral Pike coming on board. So for now, your it." Ryan said extending his right hand.

"Thank you sir, But I feel that I'm not experience enough for it though."

"Non sense. No report to sick bay, and get your normal medical check up. And then settle in and come back here around 1330 hours." Ryan said taking his desk chair once again.

Sean walked out and felt rather uncertain about his new assignment, he was sort of experienced, just not that experienced, as other Security Chiefs.

*I can do it boy O, and I'll prove to 'em that an Irish man can handle anything an English man or Welsh man throws his way.* Sean thought while making his way to Sick Bay.

"How may I help you Lieutenant?" A voice said from Sean's right. Sean looked and saw a man wearing blue.

"You the doctor?"

"Yes, I'm Doctor Hancock, are you here for a medical check up?"

"What you think I like sick-bay. Of course I'm here for my physical."Sean said in a sarcastic tone.

*God, I've got a Welsh man, now an Englishman. What's an Irish man to do.*