"The Gemini Device At Last!"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Date: April 3, 2384
Location: Cargo Bay

It was late and most of the senior staff were spending time down on Valaria or asleep. Nige had returned from the meeting with the Valarian King a few hours ago and as Captain Evans was on the Surface and Kira was with Elise, Nige had been left in command. However, he couldn't resist the temptation to go and look at the Ronin's precious new cargo. He slipped off leaving Sular in command and headed for the cargo bay...

Nige was shocked as he entered to find McQueen still working on the device.

"Lieutenant, you're off duty." Was all he could think of saying.

"I know, but I really need to find out what this thing does."

"You won't find out if you don't get some rest. Why don't you go and have a look around on the planet. Come back and start afresh in the morning."

"I guess you could be right Commander. I'll go wash up and then head down to the surface."

"Ohh Lieutenant, before you leave, you haven't managed to work out what it does yet have you?"

"We don't have a clue so far."

"Ok then"

With that, McQueen left the room leaving Nige alone with the Gemini device. He walked over and around it a bit taking in the sights of this amazing creation.

"Pretty amazing isn't it?" asked someone in the doorway.

Nige, startled, spun round with fright a to see Lieutenant Porat standing in the doorway.

"Lieutenant, you startled me!"

"My apologies Commander. I see you have come to have a look at your mission."

"I needed to see what this thing really was. Whether it is worth what we are doing."

"Trust me Commander, this will all be worth while."

"I hope so."

"Lets try it out shall we?"

"You mean use it? Now?"

"Why not, you've read over the schematics have you not?"

"Well yes, but..."

"Well then what are you waiting for?" Porat walked over and placed a PADD in front of the device. "Lets see if this thing works"

Nige reluctantly accessed the controls of the device and targeted the PADD. The device could be heard charging and a blast of spinning yellow energy spun out of the device and hit the PADD. The beam disappeared and a larger, but less intense beam was emitted from another part of the device materialising another PADD to the side of the original one.

"It really does work!" said Nige walking over to the PADDs in astonishment.

"Of course it does. Quickly, purge the matter buffer so that no one can find out we have used this."

Nige headed back to the controls and purged the buffer.

"Done. Now I'm glad this mission is finally over with."

"Ohh no my friend. This mission is far from over. You are to protect this until we reach Deep Space 11. Remember, not to tell anyone now. Not even Dinara. I'll be watching you" she said as she left the room.

"Damn it!" said Nige pounding his fist down on the device. "When will this be over!?" Nige turned and followed the young Lieutenant out of the cargo bay locking the door behind him.