"Deep Space 11"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 8, 2384
Location: Deep Space 11

"Captain, we are in communications range of Deep Space Eleven"

"About time. Open hailing frequencies Lieutenant."

"Hailing frequencies open Captain" announced McMillan

"Deep Space Eleven. This is USS Ronin, requesting permission to dock and transfer cargo."

[This is Deep Space Eleven. Docking permission granted Ronin, dock at Port E.]

"Thank you"

[Your crew are free to relax onboard station; we will have engineers and scientists to handle the cargo. Ohh and by the way, the Commander wants to see you as soon as you get aboard]

"Understood Deep Space Eleven. Ronin out."

"Shall I take her in Captain."

"Of course Lieutenant. Tyran, you have the bridge, I'm off to the docking port."

"Aye Captain."

Ryan left the bridge and headed for the docking port. Finally, this was all coming to an end. The device had arrived safely at its destination, although there were a few small hiccups along the way. There were the Romulan attacks and assassination attempts, as well as the Cardassians. There were also the two rescued officers from the shuttle as well as the problem of two cats.

The two officers, Lieutenant Commander Bentara and Ensign Justice had been for now, integrated into the crew. Commander Bentara was acting chief counsellor, much to the dislike of Ensign Jin who strongly voiced her opinions on that matter. As for Ensign Justice, he has been assigned to security and will be working with Lieutenant Fenris.

Ryan felt the bump of the ship docking and the airlock light turned green, so he stepped through and out onto the station.

The cat situation had gotten worse too. Torasu one had returned to a normal life, roaming the ship and getting into trouble as usual. However, Torasu Two remained in sickbay. His condition was getting considerably worse and he seemed to be growing in intelligence. He had taken up attacking the force field at one point. The only was that Kira and Jin can safely examine it is to release a sedative into the field before stepping into the field.

Ryan found a turbolift at the end of the corridor. "Ops" he said as he stepped in.

*I wonder would the EMH be offended if I asked him to take a look at the cat... They are extremely temperamental...*

Ryan stepped out into the massive control centre of the station and took a look around. It was at least four times the size of the Ronins Bridge! He looked around and found whom he assumed to be the first officer heading over to greet him.

"Captain Evans, welcome to Deep Space Eleven" he said shaking his hand

"Thank you Commander. I was told to report to the Station Commander upon arrival...?"

"Of course, she is awaiting you in her office"

"Thank you" said Ryan

He walked up the ramp to the back of the room and pressed the chime on the door.

"Come in" came the voice from inside

*Where have I heard that voice before...?* Ryan thought

Ryan stepped in and looked around the large luxurious office.

"How much do you know about the Gemini Device Captain?" she asked without turning around.

"Enough" said Ryan as he tried to work out who the person before him was.

At the sound f his voice, she looked up and turned around.



Ryan walked towards her arms outstretched to give her a hug; she stormed towards him and slapped him hard across the face.

"Owww! What the hell was that for?"

"That was for Kerry James"

"Look, I apologised for that, and I'm sorry."

"If you cared about me then, you wouldn't have done it" said Jess as she walked behind her desk and sat down.

"It was a mistake! I was drunk... not thinking straight!"

"Yes, well its too late for that now."


"The Gemini Device Ryan... how much do you know?"

"I know that it duplicates things. I have two cats on my ship to prove it."

"Do you know of the side effects?"

"Side effects?"

"Ohh well, never mind... It's not going to concern you."

"Not going to concern me? I have a deranged cat in my sickbay attacking my CMO!"

"I'll get someone to come for the cat. It would be better if it were left on the station."

"You'll have to take that up with Commander Tyran. He won't be happy to see it go."

"Fine, I'll make sure he's notified."


"Right, that's everything, you can leave now. Enjoy your time on the station... leave as soon as possible."

"Excuse me? How long are you going to keep this up Jess? This was eight years ago!"

"And I've had a lot of time to build up my anger towards you, so don't test me Ryan!"

"Ok, ok, but you can't kick me off the station, I still outrank you, 'Commander'"

"Maybe so, but I command the station and your just visiting."

Ryan knew she had the right to ask him to leave the station deep down and decided no to push it any further in case she did.

"Dismissed Captain!"



Ryan stood there and looked into her eyes but she just returned a cold stare. He turned and headed for the door. He stopped short and turned...


"Go Ryan! Don't make me call security!"

Ryan turned and left the office.

"Captain Evans" called the first officer once more walking up to him. "Would you and your first officer like to join myself and Commander Owens for dinner tonight? I'm sure I could arrange it."

"I think I'll give it a miss... Commander. Feel free to speak to Commander Kira, I'm sure he'd enjoy it."

"I will do, thank you Captain."

Ryan left and headed back to the Ronin. Half way there, he ran into exactly what he didn't need.

"Captain!! What's wrong?"

"Wrong? What makes you think something is wrong?"

"One of the things a counsellor is trained to look for" said Dinara. Who had found her way onto the station.

*ohh great...*

"I appreciate the offer for help counsellor, but I can handle this myself."

"If you insist Captain."

Ryan left Dinara and continued to head for the Ronin. Halfway there, he decided that he wouldn't go back just yet, but that he'd have a drink first. He headed for the commerce area. The turbolift doors opened to reveal a bustling shopping arcade full of shops and people. He walked over to the balcony and looked down into the two lower levels. It really was a huge place.

"Captain Evans!!" someone shouted from below.

Ryan looked down and saw Ensign Jin walking with Nige, who was looking a little uncomfortable, pulling the cat along on its harness behind them.

*That damn cat! Thought Ryan. Do they ever go anywhere without it??*

Ryan cautiously waved back, making sure that too many people didn't notice him and then continued to find a bar.