"Hasty Departure"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Date: April 11, 2384
Location: DS11

Tyran awoke with a light beaming down on his eyes. He knew he was in a sickbay as he heard someone off to his left call for a doctor. He slowly sat up and looked around. He wasn't on the Ronin, thats for sure. He got up off the bed and walked toward what was most likely to be the CMOs office. Kira was there with another medical officer.

"Tyran, it's good to see your awake" said Kira stepping out of the office toward him.

"Wha.. what happened?" asked Tyran, still a little hazy.

"After we destroyed the sphere, we managed to escape the black hole, however considerable damage was done to the ship. You were injured when the tactical console exploded. You were lucky you weren't killed. The EMH treated you and we transferred you here as soon as we got back."

"And this is... DS11?"


"How long had I been unconscious?"

"Two days. Tyran, if you're up to it, I have a mission for you"

"Shouldn't Captain Evans be saying what is done, your not in command any more remember"

"Actually Tyran, I am in command now. I am in full and permanent command of the Ronin and you are first officer."

"How so?"

"Captain Evans has been taken off duty pending a psychiatric Evaluation. It is highly unlikely that he will be returning to duty, and even less likely to the Ronin."

"Psychiatric Evaluation? What on earth for?"

"I'm not sure of the details, but apparntly, he burst in on the station commander while she was in a very important meeting with some touchy travellers from a nearby planet. I've heard that he jeopardised relations with these people..."

"Ohh my!"

"Yes well, there isn't a lot we can do about it right now."

"I've sent Dinara and our new science officer, Ensign Stonk, back to that L Class planet in the Aldrin. She was reluctant to leave you, but I insisted that you would be fine. In any case, they would have to make two trips before they could get all the survivors back here."

"What about taking the Ronin?"

"The Ronin isn't currently space worthy. The battle with the Sphere took a lot out of both ships! and we only just managed to limp back here at warp 1."

"Commander Owens has been kind enough to give us the use of one of the stations shuttles to pick up the remaining crew. I would like you to take Commander Bentara with you."

"Commander... who?"

"Commander Bentara, she's been newly assigned to the Ronin."

"Commander eh? sounds important"

"Lieutenant Commander actually. She's our new... counsellor."

"Ohhh no... Dinara will not be pleased!"

"Believe me, she isn't. Luckily they haven't met yet. Which is why I want you there when they do meet"

"Why not send someone else instead of her?"

"Everyone else is busy onboard the Ronin getting her space worthy. As soon as repairs are done, we are heading off to find our doubles, who will hopefully still be in a worse state. I hope you havn'e forgotten, that two days have now passed and they're bound to be heading in the direction poor old Torasu two went."

"I see. you don't think they'll head back and try and get the rest of the crew do you?"

"It is a high probablility which is why I need that crew off that planet ASAP. We can't let them be brought onboard that duplicate ship!"

"Understood, I'll get right on it. Where...?"

"Pad C, Commander Bentara is already there waiting for you."