"The Cat Gains It's First Allies"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Date: April 2, 2384
Location: Nige And Kira's Quarters

Nige, shortly after coming aboard the Ronin, had found out that he had had to share quarters as there were not enough available for the crew to have one each. Luckily however, he and Kira were assigned the same quarters so he didn't have to share with a complete stranger. Dinara got stuck with the new intelligence officer, To Porat. The room was cramped to say the least. It was only a maximum of ten by five feet, which didn't leave too much room for personal belongings. The beds took up most of the space on the left of the room. On the back wall was a small replicator and to the left was a small desk and a few shelves to store clothes in. Torasus beanbag was placed just underneath the replicator. Nige came off duty and returned to his quarters to find Kira trying to get one of his lamps to fit on the desk.

"Don't bother doc, it's not going to fit"

"I suppose your right. Pity... this was my favourite too"

Torasu walked up and started rubbing himself around Niges legs.

"Hi there chimp, how's it going?" he asked picking him up and giving him a tickle under the chin. "You back on duty now or turning in?"

"I'm turning in for the night, got an early shift tomorrow, you?"

"I'm taking an early night too." Nige walked over to the replicator "Computer, one smoked salmon" The fish materialised on the shelf and immediately Torasu started squirming in Niges arms to try and get at it. "Here you are" he said putting it down on the floor for him

"Ohhh now that was a brilliant idea wasn't it!" said Kira from the top bunk. Being the senior officer, he ordered Nige to take the bottom. "Now its going to reek of fish in here all night!"

"Torasu has to eat, and besides after being cooped up in this room all day, I think he deserves a treat. I think I'm going to go ask the Captain if he can be allowed to roam certain parts of the ship again like he did on the Knight"

"If it means not having to put up with this fishy smell every night, then I'll back you up" said Kira rolling over and burying his nose under his pillow to try and block out the smell of fish.

Nige sat down and pulled off his shoes. He sat there for a moment thinking about all the Romulans he had just killed for absolutely no reason. It was a simple misunderstanding and he had killed them all. His orders from Admiral Pike to safeguard the Ronin at all costs will safeguard his career, but could he live life normally again knowing that he had killed all those people. His thoughts were interrupted when the chime to the door was rung. He went over and opened it.

"Can I help you?" he asked leaning out of the doorway, trying to hide the mess of a room that was behind him.

"Tell them to come back in the morning" mumbled Kira from his bunk.

"Go back to sleep" Nige called back. "So, what can I do for you ladies? Isn't it a bit late to be making house calls doc?"

"We're hear for another reason" responded the young trill doctor.

"Yeah, let us in, we want to see the cat" added McMillan

"Dinara hasn't been blabbing again has she?" sighed Nige

"She may have mentioned one or two things about a cat" said Tricia

"You going to let us in then or not?" asked Jo

"Fine" said Nige removing his arm from the door way and letting the two girls in.

"Awww he's so cute" they both said as they crouched down and started making cutesy coo noises at him.

Torasu stared back at them as if he was thinking *What a pair of complete fools!* They started stroking him and tickling him under the chin.

"Ahem" said Nige to try and bring the attention away from the cat. "Dinara may get a bit suspicious if she decides to pop in now. Two women in my quarters late at night...."

"Of course, we should be going" said Jo "However, a word of advice for you"

"What's that?"

"The Captain doesn't like cats, and doesn't know you have one aboard."

"Don't let him find out" added McMillan.

"But don't worry, if he finds out and threatens to take it away, we'll support you"

"Uhhh.. thanks" responded a slightly bewildered Nige.

"Well, we'll be going now then, see you tomorrow Nige" they said. "Good night Commander" they called out to Kira, but he was asleep already

"Well little buddy" said Nige looking down at Torasu who was licking the salmon off his paws. "Looks like you got yourself a pair of allies on this ship"