"Back To Work"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: March 26, 2384
Location: Sol System

Starfleet Command
After a further two weeks of shore leave, the day had finally come to go back to the Ronin. After nearly a month of repairs and refits, she was now space worthy once more. First order of business was to sort out his executive officer. Admiral Ross had promised him a new one, but as of yet, Ryan had not heard anything else about it. He had however been called to Admiral Pikes office. Maybe he was going to meet his first officer here. He stepped into Pikes office after being invited in to find Pike talking with a young officer in a blue uniform.

"Ahh Captain Evans. This is Lieutenant Commander Kira Markos. Markos, This is Captain Evans."

"Good to meet you Captain"

"You to" said Ryan shaking his hand,

"Take a seat Ryan" said Pike motioning to the chair in front of him. "Captain, Commander, I assume you both know why your hear."

They both nodded.

"Good, just to go through the official channels, Lieutenant Commander Kira Markos. You are hereby reassigned to the USS Ronin." This didn't come as a surprise to Kira, but what came next did. Pike took out a small black box and handed it to Kira. Kira knew what was in it. Pike had given him these boxes before. "Lieutenant Commander Kira, I hereby promote you to the rank of full Commander."

"Thank you Admiral. Thank you very much. I just have one question... As Captain Evans holds the rank of Captain, then his first officer has to have the rank of Commander. If I am to be Chief Medical Officer and I am also a Commander, won't that lead to confusion on the ship as to who's in charge?"

Pike and Ryan both smiled. Ryan had caught on that Kira was his new first officer.

"Because Kira my friend, you are the first officer" Pike said with a huge smile on his face.

"First officer? Wow! I don't know what to say..."

"Don't" said Ryan. "Just come with me. We need to be aboard before the rest of the crew get back. Are all of you're belongings packed?"

"Pretty much."

"Head back to your quarters and pack the rest. Don't worry about carrying it, we can transport it to your quarters from the Ronin. Just get yourself a red uniform and meet me at the transporter room in thirty minutes."

"Aye sir" said Kira hurrying out to pack.

"A doctor??"

"A problem Ryan?"

"A Doctor wont have much experience with command protocols!"

"I'll admit he isn't the most well versed officer in Starship operations, however, if you read his personnel file, you will find some very interesting information about him. Also, he served under me when I was Captain of the Knight. He is perfectly capable of filling the position."

"Well, if you say so..."

"Don't worry Ryan, It will work out fine."

Temporary Starfleet personnel accommodations - San Francisco

Jodana awoke to the chime of her door buzzing

"Yes, yes, what is it?" she asked groggily

"Come on Jo, let me in! Had you forgot, we're meant to go back on duty today!!"

"Ohh my! I forgot all about it!" The young trill jumped out of bed and quickly pulled on her uniform. She ran over to the door and let her visitor in. "Thanks for coming by Trish. I'd have completely forgotten otherwise."

"Yeah, I thought you'd probably forget. I thought I'd drop by and remind you. After all, you don't want the Captain nagging at you on your first day back"

"No, not at all. I owe you one Trish"

"I'll remember that"

"Hey Trish, have you seen the Captain lately?" asked Jo as she replicated some breakfast.

"Not for weeks, why?"

"I saw him a few days ago. Listen to his accent, it's gone really funny!"

"It must be because he's back home with other people who speak with a welsh accent. Its sort of understandable."

"You're not going to say anything to him about it are you?"

"Of course, I can have some fun with it!"

"You are cruel!"

"Aren't I" said McMillan grinning evilly

USS Ronin - Earth Orbit

"McCloud, are all systems operational?" asked McQueen. Who was smugly sitting in the Captains chair.

"All new systems are interfacing properly. Warp and impulse engines are in perfect condition. All environmental systems are operating at peak efficiency as well as the weapons and shields. The new bio neural gel packs have increased the main computers efficiency by 50%"

"Good. Activate Astrometrics and all other new facilities. I want the Captain to be surprised and impressed when he gets back."

"Aye sir. All systems are online"

"Is Mr. Tyrans cargo aboard safely?"

"Yes sir. But why would he want one of those on a starship?"

"I have no idea, now we just wait until the Captain sends the signal"

Starfleet Headquarters

"I guess this is it Dinara." said Nige as he approached the transporter room. He turned around to face her. "We both new this was going to happen eventually. We can still keep in touch though right?"

"Of course"

"I mean, a couple of thousand light-years wont be that bad if we speak to each other every day."

"Of course not"

"Look, I really appreciate you walking me to the transporter room. But I hate long good byes. It may be better if we just said it here and be done with it."

"No, its ok, I'll come in with you."

"Ok then."

The two entered the empty transporter room.

"Looks like we have a few minutes alone" said Dinara wrapping her arms around Nige.

"Would seem so" he said as he kissed her

Starfleet Headquarters

"So, Mr. Kira, you looking forward to your new position?"

"To tell you the truth Captain, I am a little nervous, I'm sure Admiral Pike has told you I'm not the best person for operating Starfleet computer systems."

"He also said that your a quick learner." The two walked into the transporter room and caught Nige and Dinara saying good bye.

"Ohh break it up you to" said Kira

"Sorry" said Nige, slightly embarrassed at being caught.

Ryan walked over to the controls "Captain Evans To Ronin, we will be beaming up shortly. Please stand by."

"Who are we waiting for?" asked Nige

"Lieutenants McMillan and Jin. They're never on time! women eh?"

Kira and Nige laughed and Dinara looked at Ryan slightly annoyed. The door hissed open and the two officers stepped in.

"Sorry we're late Captain." apologised Jo

"Good morning Captain" said Trish

"Arite butt" responded Ryan.

Trisha just smiled and stepped onto the PADD laughing with Jo. The others followed. Dinara stepped on too.

"Dinara hon, you don't have to come to the ship with me to say goodbye" said Nige

"Nige, I've got something to tell you, I've been assigned to the Ronin too"

"And you let me get all upset about it thinking I was never going to see you again???"

"I think it was worth it for last night" she said under her breath. Nige just smiled.

Finally, Ryan took his place on the pad. As he did, the doors slid open and a young woman stepped in.

"Captain Evans?" she asked


"Lieutenant JG To Porat, your new intelligence officer, sir"

"Intelligence officer? I wasn't aware I'd be getting one."

"I didn't know I was going to be assigned to the Ronin either until two hours ago."

"Well, we'll have to get acquainted onboard, right now we have to leave." To joined the other six on the pad. Ryan tapped his comm badge. "Captain Evans to Ronin, six to beam up"