"The Cat Could Be A Problem"

Author: Ensign Dinara Jin
Date: April 2, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

Dinara was walking along the corridor on her way to the mess hall to grab a quick bite before turning in for the night. She entered the mess hall and decided it was time to get aquainted with a few of the new crew. She spied a seat next to Lieutenant McMillan and decided to go join her. She quickly ordered her food and rushed to the open seat before anyone else got to it. In her rush to get to the seat she neglected to realise that there was only a crew of forty on board anyway, most of which were on duty.

"Hi there" she said sitting down "Hows things on the bridge?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary for the main part"

"I heard something about a Romulan ship attacking us yesterday? I wondered why we were on red alert, but no one ever tells a simple counsellor anything important."

"I don't think it was anything too important. It was more of a misunderstanding. Captain Evans convinced them quite quickly to leave."

"I see"

"So you come from Bajor then do you?"


"Nice planet Bajor... i visited it once when I was younger"

"Did you ever visit the Fire Caves?"

"No, I only visited the capital. It was a Starfleet matter and there were no time for pleasantries. Speaking of which, why did you join Starfleet in the first place?"

"Nige mainly. I shared his dream to explore the stars since I was young, although my need for revenge against cardassians isn't as great as his. Then, once he left for the academy, I realised how much I loved him, so I left for the academy too"

"Awww, thats so sweet"

"I know, plus I wasn't going ot stay on Bajor and look after his cat for the rest of its life"

"He had a cat?"

"Still does"

"Not on this ship?"

"Yes.... why would that be a problem? Starfleet allow pets on ships"

"Ususally, yes. But Captain Evans doesn't take too fondly to cats."

"He doesn't?"

"Let's say, if he found it, it's likely to be jettisoned out of the nearest airlock and then targeted with a torpedo!"

"Ohh no! He wouldn't really?"

"No, but he'd probably have aranagements made for it to be transferred off the ship"

"Ohh no, Nige won't be pleased..."

"Well I recomend, him trying to make ew acomodations for it at the next federation outpost we come across"

"He'd never do that"

"Well then you'll have to keep that cat well hidden. Right, well I've got to get back on duty. Speak to him about the cat, before it's too late"

"Thanks, I will do"

Tricia got up and left the mess hall. Dinara continued to eat her food thinking how she was going to break the news to Nige.