"A Prayer Answered"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: April 19, 2384
Location: Starfleet HQ, San Fransisco

Lieutenant Hancock was sitting in his desk, that was to the rear of his classroom he was teaching in. He had been a Teacher there for almost a year now, and felt rather disappointed at the thought of not being able to practice Medicine.After all 8 years in school, was not to be wasted as a teacher, and have never done what your teaching, was in William's mind a farce. He sighed as he read a midterm paper, and graded it.

Then the door to his classroom opened up, and to his shock he saw a Captain walk in. Will as he liked to be called then remembered the usual respect for a Captain, and quickly stood up. "Sir?" Hancock said, wondering what a Captain wanted.

"Could you be a lad, and tell me where Lieutenant JG William Hancock is." The man said in a heavy Welsh accent, that sounded very good to Hancock ears then it hit him.

Oh my god he's wanting me. Wait a second, perhaps he's that girls father you banged last week after the Medical ball. Wait she couldn't be his daughter this chap is too young. William thought to himself.

"You, know Lad it's polite to answer someone who's talking to you." The Captain said.

"Right Oh, sir. I am the Chap your looking for." Hancock replied.

"Good then lade. I'm Captain Ryan, and I have come to confirm your transfer request." Ryan said handing over a PADD.

About bloody time. Wait I'm being transfer. Yes!!!

"Thank you Sir, looking forward to it. I've been bloody well stuck here for the better part of 10 months. Teachin field surgery something I've never even done." Hancock said reading the PADD, to see if the order was real, and it was. Will showed a big smile ear to ear. Ryan couldn't help but to smile either.

"So sir what kind of ship is she?"

"Well, the Ronin-A, is an old girl I am not too familiar with lad. She's an Intrepid II class. Equipped with the latest sickbay." Ryan said pointing to the PADD.

"I expect you there tomorrow at 0830 for a briefing." Ryan said turning around, and walking out of the class. Once Ryan left Hancock jumped up and down, and yield at the top of his lungs. "I've got a transfer."

Will went back to his apartment he was using, and packed his duffle bag, and a few family pictures, and his Novel, of Hortio Hornblower. He also packed his hand made 20th century ivory chest set. When he was finished he couldn't believe it he had an assignment after so long. He then tried to reach his mom and dad, but they were out. Will then decided to go out and drink with his friends, and play a game of pool. He told himself to be back to his apartment no later then 0130 hours.