"Something Found"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: April 22, 2384
Location: USS Federation

Hancock, was sitting at his desk, going over a few things on his Computer Terminal. He was learning about the ships, computer, and defenses. When he found a program that was very old, and hidden in a sub directory.

The program was an old one, that was deleted from the main directory, some time ago, but they missed a sub directory. Hancock pulled the program up, and activated it.

All of a sudden the an older, bald gentleman, in a old uniform appeared infront of Hancock.

"Please state the nature of the Medical Emergency."The person flickered, and gave away that it was a Hologram.

"Your, an EMH."Hancock said in a enthusiastic voice.

"Well, aren't you smart. Top of your class weren't you?" The EMH said, in a sarcastic tone.

Hancock knew who this was and new it was not used to it's full potential. The Mark 1's were deactivated in 2373, due to terrible beside manner. However Voyager, used their EMH for 7 years. Will wanted to give this one a chance and see if it could grow.

"I'm Doctor Hancock, of the Ronin, the year is 2384. Your program has been deemed obsolete, and suppose to be deleted." Will turned his monitor around, to show so important Data.

"I'm not an obsolete program you can throw out!" The EMH yelled. As his program flickered again.

"No, computer save EMH program, authorization Beta two.

I'll get you up and running soon. For know you need an overhaul. Your holographic, matrix needs some repair." Hancock put his new toy in the Sickbay main frame. And sat down.

"Computer please display all available information on repairing an EMH mark 1."

The screen was full of information, and Will absorbed it, and read on. He was a person that could read anything, even if it's how to clean a plasma conduit. Hancock, was one who believed in his profession, one could never have enough knowledge.