"A Run In With The Romulans"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 1, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

[Captain Evans to the bridge!] Commander Kira announced in a panicked tone.

*Whats wrong now* thought Ryan to himself as the ship rocked.

Ryan left sickbay and headed for the bridge. As he went the ship rocked a few more times

*We must be under attack!*

He stepped onto the bridge and on screen was the image of a Romulan Warbird holding the Ronin in a tractor beam.

"Whats all this about Kira?" Ryan asked as he relieved him.

"It just came out of no where Captain and locked a tractor beam onto us."

"Any ideas of their intentions?"

"No sir, they wouldn't acknowledge our hails"

"Lieutenant, open a channel to them. This is Captain Ryan Evans of the Federation Starship Ronin. You are currently in violation of the peace treaty and I insist that you release my ship!"

"Their not responding Captain"

"Damn it!"

"Send out a hail to any nearby federation ships. We wont be much use against a warbird on our own if things get nasty"

"Aye sir"

"Mr. Tyran, any suggestions?"

"Their tractor emitter is to heavily shielded to take out in one volley. They could destroy us in a few seconds. What we could do, is maneuveur ourselves in between the wings. We could magnatise a few mines and attach them to the ship."

"Wouldn't that destroy us too in the blast?"

"We don't have to destroy them, but once the mines are in place, they're sure to want to talk to us."

"Nige, ready the mines. Tricia, bring us into position"

"Aye sir.... we are in position"

"Mines away Captain"

"Captain, we are recieving a hail from the warbird"

"About time. On screen!"

[That was a very clever maneuveur Captain. I admire your ingenuity]

"Thats very kind of you but can we get down to the more pressing atter of why you are holding us in a tractor beam?"

[Quite simple Captain, you have something that we want, and that is the only reason you have not yet been killed.]

"What do we possibly have that you could want?"

[The Gemini Device]

"The Gemini device? I think you must be confusing this with another ship. I have never heard of it"

[You lie. We want the device now!]

Nige started to fidgit uncomfortably at his station, he knew what this was all about and why the Romulans wanted it so badly.

"Had you bothered to scan my vessel, you would have seen that we have no such device onboard! Had you bothered to scan the vessel?"

The Romulan Commanders face turned to one of embarrasment. [I apologise Captain, our intelligence reported that your ship was carrying the device]

"Well then your intelligence is obviously wrong."

[It would seem so. I will release your ship and let you be on your way, however, if you do come into the posession of this device, I will be back.]

The View screeen returned to that of the warbird as it pulled away and went into warp. Ryan relaxed and turned back to the crew.

"Has anyone here heard of the 'Gemini Device' before?"

The crew all shook their heads including Nige.

"I wonder what it is....?" Said Ryan as he stood up. "Kira, you have the bridge"

Nige waited until the Captain was off the bridge and reectivated the weapon controls. He watched the sensor read out until the warbird was out of sensor range of the Ronin. He pressed a button and detonated the mines.