"A Deeper Shade Of Blue"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 10, 2384
Location: DS11

Ryan and his new counsellor approached the holosuite. Ryan accessed the console beside him, and started scrolling through programs that may take his fancy. Karissa looked over his shoulder.

"No no no, you don't want anything like that..." She budged Ryan out the way and looked through herself. "This one sounds interesting..." she said as she selected the program.

< Holodeck is currently in use >

"In use? That's not right! I booked this for now! Computer, in use by who?"

< Ensign Stonk >

"Ensign Stonk huh?"

Ryan walked towards the archway and extended his arm toward the button to open the door. Karissa quickly grabbed his arm.

"Captain... Ryan... Are you sure you wan't to barge in there? We can come back later..."

Ryan brushed her off and pressed the button. He walked in to find a barren Vulcan landscape.

*Ohh no* thought Karissa as Ryan walked in.

"Ryan wait! Do you know what program this is?!"

"No, but I intend to get my turn at the holosuite!"

"Captain, this is Vulcan love slave part 3!! I once recomended it to a patient who was going through his pon'far. It's well... intense!"

Ryan stopped, for a brief moment as if deciding whether to proceed or not, but he quickly hurried off further in...

"Don't say I didn't warn you!" shouted Karissa who ran after him.

Ryan climbed up a steep bank and saw two figures fighting in a ring below with a woman standing beside them watching. Obviously an ancient Vulcan ritual where two males were fighting over a female.

"Are you sure you wanna disturb them Ryan? They seem awfully involved."

"I intend to get my holodeck time Commander!"

Ryan got up and walked down the bank towards the arena.

"Computer! Freeze program!" he commanded as he stepped into the ring. "Mr. Stonk, I believe you have taken my holosuite time"

The Vulcan looked around at Ryan and walked up to him.

"I am affraid you are mistaken. This is my time, I booked it."

"I was due here at 14:00, it is now 14:10"

"My apologies Captain, I got caught up in this program and completely lost track of time. Computer, end program."


"Again, my sincere apologies Captain."

Stonk headed for the arch and headed out.

"See, now that wasn't too hard now was it?" Ryan said turning to Karissa.

"It did seem a bit rude though to barge in to his program like that. I think you embarrased him a little."

"A Vulcan? Embarrased? Hah! Well, you picked out a program.. you might as well get it running"

"Of course."


Ryan was browsing through some shops later in the day when the "overfriendly" first officer approached him.

"Captain Evans, I have a message for you from Starfleet command."

"What is it Commander?"

"Sir, they are aware of the Ronin's current situation and yours. They are asking that you return to Starfleet headquarters."

"Return to Earth? What on earth for?"

"Beats me sir. I had the message transferred to your quarters."

"Thank you, I'll get off and read that now.

Ryan's Quarters

Ryan entered his temporary quarters and immediately headed for his desk where his computer console was flashing indicating there was a message waiting for him. He sat down on the chair and accessed the information...

Captain Ryan Evans,

As of stardate 2484276 you are no longer in command of the Federation Starship USS Ronin. You have been deemed unfit for command and are required to return to Starfleet headquarters for psychiatric evaluation. Commander Kira Markos has been assigned as the new Commanding Officer of the USS Ronin.

You are to return to Earth immediately onboard the USS Kohlinar which has been docked at Deep Space Eleven since stardate 2484273. You are to report there immediately for passage to Sol system.

Vice Admiral Kenneth E. Parkins,

Starfleet Command.

Ryan couldn't believe what he had just read. Up until command of the Ronin, he had been an exemplarary officer. But now, because of one slip up with the Commander of the station, Starfleet had decided to relieve him of command! As if the pain of rejection from one he once loved and one who loved him to wasn't enough, now this could mean the end of his career in Starfleet. There was nothing he could do however, but accept this, so he headed for his room and packed what little things he had with him and headed for the Kohlinar.