"New Home"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: April 22, 2384
Location: USS Federation

The alarm went off in Will's apartment, causing him to awake, and spring out of bed, in a joyful mood. He quickly ran and jumped in the Sonic Shower, shaved, and put his new uniform on.

He walked over to the replicator, and placed an order."Tea, English muffin, lightly toasted, and Buttered."

The items appeared, and Will at them rather quick, he was chief excited about seeing his new home. After all he had been on earth for 26 years, except that 3 week class on a station. And even when learning to fly, he was only in space for a matter of hours.

After a half hour Will picked up his duffle, and left for the transporter pad, near his home, and almost near Star Fleet Medical campus.

"Welcome aboard doctor." A voice said as William's sight wasn't so fuzzy from the transporting, he enjoyed the tingling sensation too.

"Hello Ensign?" William said at the transporter operator.

Who was a 21 year old male human Engineer, that stood rather short. William quickly remember and told himself.

Must be Irish.

"Ensign Smith."

"Ah, I am Doctor Hancock, may you be a good chap, and show me to my quarters."Will said with a friendly smile.

"Yes sir it's deck three the deck your on now. Just turn left when you exit, yours is the last one on the right. You can't miss it." Ensign Smith said

"Thank you Ensign."

The walk was a rebirth, to Will. He could hear the plasma run through the walls, and the hum, of warp core. He passed a few female ensigns.Rather attractive ones too.

Well hello.Hancock thought to himself as he turned to look at the women. And was almost caught too.

He then came the door the door had a sign that read. LtJG William Hancock Chief Medical Officer. Will gave an ear to ear smile, and stepped into his new home

The Quarters were dark, but the lights quickly came on. To reveal a small, but humble home.

A couch to the wall facing the viewport, a Table and chair to Will's right followed by the replicator. To his left was a nice desk, and the door way to his bedroom.

Will went to work unpacking his stuff, he put his family picture on his desk as well. as three books. He then set up his Chess set on the coffee table infront of the couch.

After unpacking he then left and made his way to deck 1. The Bridge was something he had never seen before, to him it was almost as pretty as a women.

The bridge was rather deserted and only a few officers were on the bridge, one was at the Engineering console, and the other was at Science.

William turned to his right, and walked towards the Captain's ready room, and pressed the door chime. Hancock then enter, to See Captain Ryan on the couch in his office relaxing.

"Hello, Doctor. Welcome aboard teh USS Federation. Get all settle in?"

"Yes sir, I might say this is rather nice size ship." Hancock couldn't hide his smile.

"Well nothing going on know, why don't you go to Sickbay and meet your staff, and get rather familiar with the area." Ryan said with a smile

"Right sir, good thinking sir."