"Command Decisions (Part 2)"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 25, 2384
Location: USS Federation

The Conference room of the Federation was filled with the senior staff arguing over what should be done. Ryan walked in and the crew calmed and waited for him to begin.

"Firstly, where the hell did they get another Ronin?" demanded Ryan

The crew was filled with blank faces.

"I guess the device must have ben duplicated along with the ship when we first used the device" stated Tricia.

"But their ship was destroyed along with ours!" said Gregholt.

"They could have duplicated again at some point after we came back here and hidden the other ship near the black hole and returned to it when they're other was destroyed." suggested Tyran

"So there are two doubles of you now?" asked Karissa

"I don't think I'd have duplicated myself twice" said Kira. "Think about it. These duplicates of us are bad enough as it is. Think what a duplicate of them would be like. They would be just as bad if not worse. I wouldn't want an even more evil duplicate battling it out with me for command. I think we are still dealing with just the four of us."

"Ok then, so now we have new to alter our initial plans slightly. Gregholt, Chief. I wan't that Isokinetic cannon ready. Wang, Kira, I want you to make sure that the 'Kira dampener' is up to scratch and will work. Tricia, Tyran, make sure our plan of attack is fool proof. Finally, Kira, when we get back to them, I want you on the bridge. You will need to fend off Kira's attacks for a bit. If there are no other questions you can all get to it. I wan't to be ready for a second attempt in one hour." he looked around waiting for anyone to speak up. "Dismissed."

The crew got up and began heading out for their tasks.

"Admiral, can I speak to you for a minute?"

"What is it Ryan?"

"Admiral, things have changed. I'm not just dealing with a small shuttle any more. I'm going to have to send over more people to the Ronin. They will have more weaponry as well as having control of the ship. They could easily, cut life support ot a section and kill them all."

"That's something that you have to plan for. In fact, being on a larger ship would make things easier on you. You could overcome the life support problem with environmental suits. Also, there is more room to maneuveur and fight on a starship than in a shuttle. If you want my advice here, send over more crew and you should have a greater chance of success. Just make sure Kira is on the team. You will outnumber them and have protection until the dampening field goes down."

"I'll get thinking on it." said Ryan as he got up and left for his ready room.

For 30 minutes, he sat in his ready room and thought about who should go aboard the Ronin. He heavily contemplated going himself, but he knew neither Kira nor Pike would allow it. Kira would go of course, and Wang would still be needed. Now with greater numbers possible, he could send Tyran too. He assembled a list and a beam in plan and called Kira to his ready room ordering him to have all crew on the PADD to report to the conference lounge in ten minutes.

Ten minutes past and Ryan entered the conference room. The crew he had selected were awaiting him.

"You, as you may have guessed, will be the boarding parties." began Ryan. "Here is what is going to happen. Tyran, Wang, Porat and Gregholt. You four will beam to engineering. From here, you will be able to connect the 'Kira dampener' to the Ronin's main power supply. Kira, you will go to the bridge. That is the most likely place for your duplicate to be. You will all be sent over as soon as the shields are down. Any questions?"

The team looked back at their Captain with no questions.

"Good, you are all dismissed. Report to the transporter room and await my signal."

The crew filed out, all apart from Kira.

"Whats on your mind Commander?" asked Ryan

"Captain, would it not be easier just to send me? It's sensless needlessly risking other peoples lives when I could adequately protect myself."

"Kira, your energy is not fully restored where as your duplicate is likely to be at his maximum. I don't want to run the risk of you burning out over there. I need the rest of them there. They all know what they can expect. Believe in them and they will pull through. That's what I am going to do."

"Captain, If things go wrong in any way...."

"I know. I will destroy the ship."

"Well Captain, If I don't see you again, it has been an honour to serve with you."

"Same to you Commander. Good luck."

Kira left the room with Ryan. Ryan took his seat on the bridge with Karissa and Pike either side.

"Lieutenant McMillan, is the Ronin still on long range sensors?"

"Aye Captain"

"Take us to their co-ordinates. O'Neil, charge the isokinetic cannon and prepare to fire as soon as we drop out of slipstream."

"Understood sir"

The crew present on the bridge watched the viewscreen as the ship entered slipsream. Moments later, they came out and there was the Ronin infront of them already firing phasers at them.

"O'Neil, Fire the cannon!"

"Firing sir... their shields are down!"

"Transporter room, beam over the away team."

"May God be with them" added Pike.