"Last Ride"

Author: Chief A.J. Talsmin
Date: April 9, 2384
Location: DS11

Chief A.J. Talsmin sat on the observation deck with his duffel bag, watching different ships fly to and from the station. He was probably putting it off as long as he could. It was time to be moving. In his hands were transfer orders to board the USS *Ronin* as an operations crewman. The red stripes were evident on the two sets of rank insignia he wore on either side of his collar.

His career had been a distinguished one. He was head instructor at the Starfleet Deep Space Rescue and Salvage school. Before that he served two tours onboard the USS *Maine* as a shuttle mechanic and an operations officer. The past ten years of his service had been good to him. Now, he would serve out the tail end of his career onboard a warship. At least, that's what Starfleet had told him in a communication before he left. At the ripe old age of thirty, they believed he was either to be sent to an officer training corps or to a desk job. The *Ronin* was his last ride, and he wanted to make the best of it.

Standing up, A.J. grabbed his duffel bag and tossed it over his shoulder. He then continued down the corridor. Me made his way down the stairs and finally to the docking gallery where the ship came into view. It appeared that the *Ronin* had scene some major action. There were a few schorch marks over the hull that Starfleet personnel were quickly cleaning and buffing out. *The last thing you want to see is a messy ship.* He continued his walk until he finally came to the docking port with USS *Ronin* listed above it.

"Orders," the officer standing guard asked. He had to only be in his twenties, with an ensign's rank pip.

"Yes sir. Chief A.J. Talsmin reporting for duty." A.J. handed over the PADD with his transfer to the ensign.

The ensign read over the papers. "Very well. You'll probably want to talk to Captain Evans then. Last time I checked he was still onboard."

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." A.J. took the PADD back from the ensign.

"One more thing chief."


"Welcome aboard the *Ronin.*"

"Thank you sir." A.J. gave a small smile as he made his way down the docking tube.