"A Bad Move"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 9, 2384
Location: DS11, USS Ronin

Ryan nervously walked in to The Rising Sun ready for his "meeting" with Commander Owens. He believed he was ready for what was to come and believed what Tyran had said about her not wanting to meet with him if she didn't want to forgive him. He took a seat at a table with this in mind.
Half an hour passed and she hadn't shown up.

"Computer... time?"

<13:42 hours>

*Damn it! thought!* Ryan pounding his fist on the table. *Where the hell is she?!*

"Computer, locate Commander Owens."

< Commander Owens is in her office >

*Right! She isn't going to get away with this!* Thought Ryan as he stormed off towards the bridge

"Hello, it's nice to see you again Captain Evans" said the over friendly first officer

*I wonder if he's gay?* thought Ryan "Good afternoon Commander. Is the Commander in her office?"

"Well, yes she is, but I wouldn't..."

But it was too late, Ryan had already gone into the office.

"Jess... what the hell are you thinking...?" Ryan stopped when he found Commander Owens meeting with some aliens he had never seen before.

"Ambassador Porlon, This is Captain Evans.. commander of the Ronin."

"Hello there" said Ryan realising that he had just burst in on what could quite possibly be a very important meeting.

"Nice to meet you Captain" said the Ambassador.

"Captain, I will speak to you later." said Jess in a stern tone.

"Of course" said Ryan leaving the office.

"My apologies" apologised Commander Owens as she continued her talks.

*What a fool I was* thought Ryan as he sat in his ready room going over some reports. *How could I have been so stupid!*

The chime to Ryans ready room rang. "Come in" he said. Commander Owens came in.


"You fool! Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was when you came barging in on that meeting earlier??"


"That was the Parktolans leading Ambassador who had docked at the station for his ship to undergo maintenance. They do not tolerate unprofessionalism like that! It is likely that the entire relationship between the Parktolans and the Federation will take a nose dive because of this!"

"I had no idea.. I didn't realise..."

"Look, the Gemini Device will be taken onboard Deep Space 11 tomorrow. I want the Ronin gone as soon as it is off. I don't want to see you again"

"But, understand my point of view.."

"No! understand this Ryan! Get off my station and don't come back!"