"Working On The Ronin"

Author: Ensign Link McCloud
Date: March 21, 2384
Location: USS Ronin, Utopia Planitia Yards

While the Ronin was undergoing refits at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards on Mars, Link had been assigned to work on the new Science lab that was to be installed aboard the Ronin. Being a Vulcan and not needing shore leave, he had requested to be able to work on the refit of the Ronin. After the Starfleet engineers had finished gutting the lab and installing the computer systems, Link had taken over and it was his job to get them working. For a week, he had worked hard and was finally getting somewhere. Most of the equipment was powered and working and all of the consoles were online. The lab was also linked to the station on the bridge. All that was left was for Link to install the Advanced Starfleet science database. (The Ronin only had a basic science database as she had had no science lab until now). It was late and Link needed sleep so he decided to let the database install overnight and come back and finish up the sensor calibrations in the morning. He left the systems running and headed to the airlock to get onto the station. In the corridor he met Ensign Fitzgerald.


"Can you do me a favour and tell the Captain and Lieutenant McQueen that I won't be coming back"

"Why not Ensign?"

"I've been reassigned to the USS Le Mans along with Ensign Adams. The ship is leaving now and I don't have the time to speak to the Captain."

"I will do that Ensign"

"Thanks Link"

*With both of our operations officers gone, who's going to be the new operations officer?*