"A Hard Decision (Part 2)"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: March 12, 2384
Location: Starfleet HQ, Earth

Ryan awoke with the sun beaming down on his face. For four days now, he had been staying with his parents considering Admiral Pikes offer. Should he take the job or not? Today was the deadline he had set for himself to make up his mind. Today he would see Admiral Pike and give him his decision, no turning back. He pulled himself out of bed and put on a clean uniform. He walked over to the window and looked out across the clear blue sea. The seagulls were spiralling over head calling to each other just as he had remembered it. He turned and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning Ryan" said his mum as he sat down at the table

"Morning mum"

"Sleep well?" she inquired

"No" Ryan smiled, "I had a lot to think about last night"

"Ohh you poor boy, I'm sure a decision like that cant be an easy one"

"Definitely not" said Ryan picking up a piece of toast. "Never the less, I've come to my decision" he said with a mouth full of toast

"Well good for you"

"Morning all" said Nic as she came in. "Your big day today isn't it Ryan?" she asked

"Yes unfortunately"

"Well, don't let that Admiral Pike boss you around Ryan." added his mother

"Don't worry mom, I won't"

"Ok then"

"Well, I'd better be off. I'm scheduled to meet him in ten minutes" Ryan said finishing off his toast. "I'll see you all later"

"See you later bro"

"Good luck son"

Outside Admiral Pikes office....

Ryan took a deep breath and rang the chime. As before, no response. He waited patiently and rang again.

"My apologies Ryan" said Pike approaching from behind again. "I'm not the most punctual of people" he grinned. "Come on in, make yourself comfortable." Ryan walked it and sat in the same chair as he had done the last time. "I trust you've made your decision Ryan" said Pike sitting down behind his desk.

"I have indeed"

"Well, don't keep me in the dark, out with it" Pike said with anticipation

"I'm afraid I am going to have to turn down your offer Geoff."

"That's no problem Ryan. I was expecting this to be honest."

"You were?"

"Of course. I made the mistake of accepting promotion from the Knight. A mistake I sincerely regret making. Never the less, here I am at Starfleet Command. Let me tell you there is no other job like commanding your own ship. You get back to the Ronin and do me proud."

"I will sir. Don't you worry"

"Ryan, the Ronin is scheduled to be completely refitted in another week or two. I have a mission for you if you accept it?"

"Of course sir"

"This mission is going to comprise of two run of the mill delivery missions. First of all, you are to deliver Benjamin Heim to the penal colony on Arlan IV. You are then to proceed to Valaria"

"Valaria? Never heard of it"

"They are a new species we encountered that are applying for federation membership. To help the process along, they are willing to share they're technology with us."

"Fair enough"

"You are to pick up cargo there and transport it to starbase twenty-one for installation aboard the USS Nova."

"Ok then Geoff. As soon as the Ronin is ready, I'll head out there and get underway with the mission."