"The Pluroria Asteroid Field"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 7, 2384
Location: The Pluroria Asteroid Field

Captains Log, Star date 2484270...

Yesterday was certainly interesting, Commander Tyrans cat has some how managed to duplicate itself using the Gemini Device. We now have two cats onboard... if one wasn't bad enough already! Not only that, it has managed to figure out how to get into the restricted areas of the ship. I have ordered the two cats to be kept in sickbay for observation in the next few days. As much as I'd like to get rid of the duplicate cat, and the original for that matter, there's nothing I can do about it now apart from accept the fact that there are now two cats onboard. In the mean time, I have had to resort to daily injections to contain my allergy.

One more day until the Ronin reaches Deep Space 11. I am looking forward to being able to get this thing off my ship. However, first Lieutenant McMillan has to fly the ship through the Pluroria asteroid field, which we should arrive at within the hour.

In the mean time, I guess I need my daily shot, and check up on those damn cats!

...End log.

"Good morning Doctor" said Ryan as he entered sickbay

"Good morning Captain, here for your daily shot?"

"Unfortunately yes" replied Ryan looking over at the two cats who were busy tucking into breakfast.

Doctor Jin came over with a hypospray and injected Ryan with it.

"Thank you Doctor" he said as he got up off the bio-bed. "Which ones which?" he asked walking over to Tyran who was watching them in the containment field.

"The blue is the original, the red is the duplicate" said Nige pointing at the collars. The original Torasu finished eating and thought he'd help out the duplicate with his breakfast. However, Torasu two had other ideas and gave Torasu one a blow across the head.

"That wasn't nice!" said Nige in a stern voice

Torasu two finished eating and continued with his attack on Torasu one, who did his best to run from his attacker.

"Stop it! Shouted Nige. "Computer, lower force field!" Nige stepped in and picked up the defenceless Torasu one. "You poor thing" he said stroking his head.

"I think Torasu one can go home now Nige." Said Ryan. "He is free to do what he did before, however, that one should stay in sickbay for a while longer."

"Understood Captain. Computer raise force field."

[Captain Evans, we are approaching the Pluroria asteroid field] announced Kira over the intercom

"Understood, I'm on my way." Said Ryan leaving the room with Nige

They stepped out of sickbay and Nige put the cat down outside. The two officers walked off, but before the doors closed, Torasu managed to dart back inside.


"Captain, we have arrived at the asteroid field" said Kira returning to his post at sensor control. Nige took his place at tactical.

"Take us in Lieutenant. One quarter impulse." said Ryan.

The Ronin entered the field. The sound of small rocks hitting the hull could be heard all over the ship like rain on the roof of a house.


"Nothing I can do about it Captain, there's no way through this field without hitting the small ones."

"Proceed on course, but let me know if anything looks dangerous"

"Of course Captain."

"Captain! I'm picking up a small Starfleet craft in the field" announced Kira. "Two life signs, both faint."

"How far?"

"5 minutes away"

"McMillan, divert course, head for that ship. Can we get an image of them?"

"I believe so Captain"

"On screen!"

A small shuttle appeared on the view screen. It had phaser burns all over the hull and a hull breach in the aft section.

"Captain, they're loosing power. Another hour or so and that force field will go down."

"Understood. Open hailing frequencies. This is Captain Ryan Evans of the USS Ronin. We are here to assist you. Respond."

"Captain, they either can't here us or are unable to" said Kira

"I wonder who attacked them...?"

"Another Romulan raid Captain?" suggested Nige.

"Romulans wouldn't have left the shuttle to burn, they would have finished the job. I can't help but think we're being bated into something here. What do you think Tyran?"

"It does seem a bit suspicious Captain. The gravity of some of these larger asteroids could easily obscure the warp signature of a ship. Also our sensors are limited in the field as it is. A cloaked ship would have no trouble taking advantage of us in here."

"Understood, but we need to get those people off that shuttle."

"Captain, there may not be anyone onboard, it may just be a false sensor reading to lure us into a trap."

"I understand that Tyran, but we have to make sure."

"Captain, if there is a cloaked ship out there waiting for us, there is a chance that they may damage the device. We can't risk that!"

"Mr. Tyran, I am more interested in the lives of those people than that damn thing sitting in my cargo bay."

"Captain, we are in transporter range" said Kira breaking up the argument.

"Can you get a lock?"

"I have one now Captain."

"Beam them to sickbay and head down there and give the doctor a hand."

"Aye sir."

Kira tapped a few buttons, stood up and left the bridge. Ryan got up and followed him out.

"McMillan, resume course."

"Aye Captain."

"Captain! It was a trap!" Shouted Tyran "Two Cardassian Warships have just appeared on sensors and are targeting us. They're shields are up and they're weapons fully charged."

"Great. Kira, keep going, report back as soon as you can."

Ryan took his seat again.

"Red alert, shields up!"

The ship rocked violently.

"Torpedoes Captain, lots of them."

[Doctor Jin to Captain Evans, what you just transported to sickbay weren't people, just false sensor emitters... I think we've been had.] "Understood Doctor. We can't fight off two Galor class ships. McMillan, am I right in assuming that they can't manoeuvre through this field as fast as we can?"

"I believe so Captain."

"We're going to have to run for it then. Set a course out of here, maximum impulse. Let's hope you're as good a pilot as you say you are Trish."

"Captain, you're not going to believe this!" said Nige again. "Two Romulan warbirds have just decloaked! One in front, firing on us, the other behind the Cardassians, firing on them!"

"They must all be here for the Gemini Device!" said Ryan. "Lock quantum torpedoes and phasers on the attacking Warbird. As soon as we pass it, lay a full spread of mines. Hopefully, that will cripple that one enough for the Cardassians to finish it off before the other warbird finishes them off."

"Torpedoes away" said Nige. "They're shields are down to 54%"

"Lay the mines!"

"Mines away... They've hit some sir, they're shields are at 22%"

"Have the Cardassians caught on?"

"Yes Captain, they're firing on the warbird, not us. We're out of weapons range."

"Good, McMillan, how long till we clear the asteroid field?"

"Another ten minutes sir"

"As soon as we're out, cloak the ship and head for DS11 maximum warp!"