"April Fool"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Date: April 1, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

The Ronin was headed at high warp towards the Valaran sector, to pick up its cargo that was to be delivered to Deep Space 21. Heim had been dropped off at the Arlan penal colony two days before and the Captain wasn't taking it too well. The fact that he had been betrayed by one of his closest friends had been very disturbing to him and he had spent very little time on the bridge since then.

Kira was currently on duty and was commanding the ship. Nige was at tactical, McMillan had the helm and McQueen was at engineering. It was too early in the morning for most of the crew to be up.

A light started flashing on the arm of Kiras chair. "Nige, whats that?"

"Scanning sir. Commander, it's a Romulan warbird! It just decloaked off the port nacelle!"

"Shields up! Red Alert!" Kira shouted jumping into action. "On screen"

The view screen came on and there was nothing there.

"Where is it?" he asked

Nige couldn't contain himself any longer and cracked up laughing. "There is no warbird doc"

"Well then...?"

"April fool!"

Kira smiled and sat back down.

"I've looked up a lot of Earth customs and holidays doc, I must say, this is one of my favourite human holidays" said Nige.

"It used to be one of mine too back on Earth."

The light on Kiras chair began blinking again.

"Knock it off Nige, you've had your fun"

"It's not me sir"

"Well then what is it?"

"I'm running a sensor sweep now"

"Commander, it's a Romulan warbird, for real!"

"On Screen"

This time there was a warbird there

"They've locked onto us with a tractor beam" said Nige

"Red alert, all hands to battle station, Captain Evans to the bridge!"