"A Bit Of Advice"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 9, 2384
Location: Tyrans Quarters

Ryan walked up to the door of Tyran's quarters. He needed some advice about how to handle his meeting later on, and Tyran was the only person he knew currently in a relationship. He raised his hand to ring the chime, but Commander Kira stepped out before he had the chance.

"Good morning Captain, what brings you to this part of the ship?"

"I was hoping to speak with Tyran"

"Well, if you can wake him, then by all means go on in."

"Thank you Commander"

Ryan stepped into the small quarters and looked around. Nige was sprawled across his bed, snoring loudly wearing only underwear. His bed was a mess! Kiras bunk, above was immaculate. The bed was made and his uniforms were all hanging neatly in his closet. Niges closet was near empty and Ryan followed the trail of uniforms and clothes across the floor to Torasus basket, which thankfully, he was not currently occupying.

"Commander!" Ryan said in a raised tone.

Nige stirred slightly and rolled over.

"Computer, one glass of cold water" said Ryan to the replicator.

A glass of water appeared on the shelf which Ryan picked up and threw over Niges face. Nige slowly started to show signs of movement and finally opened his eyes.

"Captain?" he groggily asked

"Good morning Commander"

"I'm wet" said Tyran feeling his face.

"Lets not worry about that right now. First of all - get dressed!" said Ryan holding Nige what appeared to be a clean uniform.

"Yes sir"

Ryan turned away as Nige pulled on his clothes. "I want to ask your advice Tyran"

"What about sir?"

"I need your advice about... women..."

Nige looked up at the Captain with a grin on his face. Luckily Ryan didn't see as his back was to him.

"Umm.. What would you like to know Captain?"

"There's this woman... We were engaged to be married eight years ago... We didn't part on the best of terms... and now she's hear and wants to meet me at 13:00 for lunch"

"What happened exactly?"

"She caught me kissing another woman... The Captain in fact, so she ran off and got reassigned to another ship. I never say her or spoke to her again until today"

"You kissed another woman?"

"We were all pretty drunk that night"

"Ohh.. I can imagine" said Nige with a smile. "All I can suggest Captain, is that if she's willing to meet you after having all of that anger building up for eight years is that you just go there, be yourself and don't say anything in anyway to offend her."

"Gee Tyran, I was expecting a bit better advice than that! I worked that much out myself"

"Well... It's real early... I don't start waking up properly for another hour or so yet."

"Anything else?"

"The only other thing I can say is that it's not all going to be bad. If she wants to talk to you, she obviously wants to forgive you for what you did and be friends at the least... Maybe not straight away, but some day."

"Thank you Tyran, I won't say you've been very helpful, but thanks anyway"

"Your welcome Captain. Remember... be yourself."

"I will" said Ryan leaving Tyran to get ready for his duty shift.