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So glad to see that you have come this far. You can look below to find links to all the tales of horror. Enjoy your stay! I also want to give a very BIG Thank You to all my family for their support and endless hours of listening to me gripe during the making of this website. And for the stories they have contributed! Thank you all so much...

Night Terrors
Urban Legend
One Mad Woman
The Crypt
They Only Come Out At Night
UFO's Are Coming
A Dark and Stormy Night
Fear on the Ocean
Ghostly Reservation
Dark and Noisy Cave
Lady or Ghost
Ghost Town
Restless Clown
The Graveyard
Blood Creek
Alien Abduction
Red Mountain
The Jackle
Haunted Place
Indian Couple
Fraid of the Dark
Haunted House
Haunted Ship
Chased by a Ghost
Haunted Reservation
Unknown Graveyard
Haunted 4 Wheeler
My Ghostly Home

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