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I was dared to go to this beautiful grave yard, so I said, ok why not. They said, well go around midnight. I said ok, fine with me. So I went at midnight, but never again will I do this. So anyway, I went, and thought WOW it's cool. Everything was fine, so I cut my car lights off and even got out of the car, didn't get far, until Oh No, I was seeing (Hands) coming out of the grave, (Feet) looking like they were trying to push the dirt away so they could get out. And (Heads) coming from the graves.
I was so scared, I didn't think I was going to live to get away. So I ran to my car, not being able to see it good with the darkness and the fear I had. But I made it, and locked the doors as if I would be safe. As I was trying to get out of the grave yard, I saw this family, they had made it out of there graves. I knew for sure I wasn't going to get away now. They were walking around, all five of them. Looked like one was the mom, the other the dad. One was a baby, it's mom was holding it. The other was a girl, and the other a boy. They looked sooooooo scary. The mom looked as though she had a green dress on, but very little was left. The dad looked as though he had a black suit on, but very little of it was left. The baby looked like it had on a white baby outfit, but there wasn't much of it left. The little girl looked like she had a blue dress on,but wasn't much left. The little boy,looked like he had a black suit on like his dad, but most of it was gone. They must have seen my car coming, and I was so scared. Ohoooooooooo I saw them coming towards me. But thank goodness, when my car light's hit them, they disappeared. I will never forget this night as long as I live. I never believed that they come out of there graves until, I went through this one and saw all I saw. So believe me and don't ever let any one dare you, or make you do something like this. It is more then some people can take. Like I said, Never again will I do this.

(A Dark And Stormy Night)

Submitted by: Sandra
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