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This Indian couple lived way, way out from no where. So far out I had never heard of this reservation. Until lately when I heard the news one day. And then it was hard to believe what happened. They had a beautiful tee pee village, and had been living there many a years. Until one day, they heard some real weird noises going on. They couldn't tell what it was. It went on for a few days before they found out just what it was because it was getting closer and closer to there village. It was the DEAD that had come back. Only a different tribe than what they were. The Ghost and there Ghostly wolves and all kinds of different things were coming for them. They were mad. They didn't like anyone being around their reservation. They had cut their throats, shot them with bow and arrows and even cut some of them in two. Then I hear they are Ghost also. And they are still fighting. Even the ones that was cut in two. This place I heard about is in North Carolina. I don't know just where at in NC, but I am telling all of you that read this to BEWARE when you go to NC. Because you just might end up in this (Haunted Reservation)

Submitted by: Rena
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