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I saw this cave, and thought I would go in. Because people back in the old, old days, lived in them. So I thought I would check it out. And think of when they used to live in them. It was cool when I first went in. I had a candle because it was very dark in there. I could see where people wrote their names and drew things on the wall. I went further into the cave. And it turned to the right.
I started to see something move. It was kinda glowing. It started getting scary. So I said to myself, it's nothing, so I started to go farther. It turned to the left, then back to the right. And OH MY GOSH!!! There to the right was a skeleton head. To the left, there were hands, legs, and feet. Like they had been cut into pieces. I didn't go any farther because I was already scared, and was hearing noises. The noise started getting louder. It sounded like people hollering and screaming. And like the sound of a hatchet hitting someone real hard. My candle went out.
And I don't know how, because there was no wind in this cave. And I couldn't find a lighter or match. I was scared to death. I looked up and saw the heads on the wall. They looked bloody, and their eyes were gray, and looking at me. I just knew, seeing them, and hearing the people and the hatchet so loud, that I was going to be next. I forgot I had a pocket, and when I felt it, there was one match in it. I was hoping so much that it wouldn't go out. So when I lit my candle, I got out of that dark and noisy cave as fast as I could. So friends, I am telling you now, beware about those
Dark and Noisy Caves

Submitted by: Sandra
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