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I would be afraid at night also. In fact, I am very scared at night after I went walking on this ole country road, and this big ole bridge so old, no one can even drive on it anymore. So I call this an unknown place. Anyway, I went walking on it one evening and sat down on that old bridge, and was really enjoying the peace and quietness. But it wasn't quiet after the sun had went down. I started hearing all kinds of things. Then started seeing weird things. All around that old bridge was Bloody Heads, looking at you. And some looking like just skull heads.

Then on each end of the bridge there was something there, the whole body, but didn't look human like. They had some kind of sword or something. They wasn't normal. I was so scared I jumped off the bridge and almost drowned, but didn't. I had to rest a minute in the lake, but tried to stay hid as best I could. I got pretty far away from them, but they were looking. Those things, whatever they were with the swords or whatever it was they had was hitting back and forth to each other and looking at me, as though they wish them things would have hit me. So I started swimming again, fast as I could and while I was swimming I saw some looking like them in the woods. Oh I was getting more scared by the minute. Them with them Bloody Heads and skull heads. And then them other things, running. And no moon out at all that night. Not even stars. But friends I made it home safe. But Please don't go on this Road ever. They just might get you.

Submitted by:Rena
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