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My husband and child thought we would go walking on this beautiful evening. We live way out in the country. And we walked farther than we thought we had. It even got dark before we knew what had happened. And why is because we turned off on this old trail, that looked so pretty and interesting. We came upon a cave and I was glad at the time my husband had his flash light, because we thought we would walk through it. When we first walked in it was pretty until we went on down it. There was a GRAVEYARD in it. Not many graves but, there was enough for me and my little girl. We were so scared, the Ghosts were out of their graves. They were right there in the little graveyard and didn't come out until they must have heard us or something. We stayed back as far as we could, but we forgot how to get out of the cave. Because we were so scared. But we started running, and weren't finding a way out. We looked back their way and they were coming our direction. This scared us even more. But they weren't running. They were all colors and spiders, mice, bats and I don't know what all these little things were, was moving all over the place. I just knew I wanted us out of there. Before they got us. Even those little things that seemed like they wanted us also. So we kept running and finally found an open place, and found our way out and on to our wonderful home. So people, those beautiful trails are not always beautiful. You never know, you might run into a pretty cave that has GRAVEYARDS in it. And GHOSTS.

Submitted by: Sandra
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