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I was asleep one night until something woke me up. My computer came on by it self, or I thought it did. I opened my eyes better, and ohooooo saw this Ghost. Scared me so much I covered my head, for a short time, then I peeped out of my blanket and he was playing games. I was still. I was too afraid to move. His back was to me at the time. He left my room for a minute and while he was out, I jumped up and ran behind my long curtain. Because I heard something coming. And sure enough, it was him. Only he had brought a few more buddies with him. They all were playing games, until one saw the curtain move. They made such weird noises, until I got so scared, I started running in another room, and hid again in a closet. I peeped out the door and some Ghost was watching tv. My heart was pounding a 100 miles a minute. I was so scared. Those in the other room had came in this room wanting to get me.

I know they were because of the way they were looking around, trying to find me. I kept quiet as I could. No moving, or making any kind of noise. And these Ghost were so scary looking. Some of them looked like skeletons, some looked like just skulls. Just think, skulls moving around. Let alone skeletons. But they never did stop looking around for me, and I was getting so scared, I shut the door and sat down praying and looked up and there was a red skull a green skull and a skeleton in here with me. I opened the door back a little, and I guess the light from the room made them leave. But anyway, I started running to another room and everyone of those ghosts were chasing me. But I made it out of my house and I am safe now, I think. I never went back to my house either. And I don't ever plan on going back. So everyone be on the watch. Your house just might be haunted, and I know if it is the Ghost will be CHASING YOU.

Submitted by: Rena
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