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There was once this couple that were too young to marry, but were so much in love. Their parents wouldn't let them be together, or even let them plan to marry someday. So they decided to meet each other on this beautiful sunset day, on that pretty mountain. Spend a little time together, and then, die together, where they can be together forever. So they did just that.And so one day I thought I would go to this place where they took each others life, and just think how sad it was for both of them. But now I wish I wouldn't have went. It was a pretty sunset evening and all was well until night time came. It started getting cloudy, and foggy, and then on in the night it started raining and thundering.

I began to hear weird noises, but thought it was just the weather getting bad. My tent was leaking too, so I stepped out to get this tent cover, to put over my tent. It was then that I saw some things moving way off towards this mountain. It looked so scary from where I was, but I went closer, and ohooooo there was the couple all the legends had been told about. They were ghosts alright, scary scary ghosts. With such hate in them. Like they never want anyone to ever come around, or they will kill you. They were a pretty couple when they were alive but not anymore. Unless they only out to get you, if you go to their place. So people, please don't go to this place where this couple died. OR YOU, just might be killed. THEY ONLY WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE. But I learned, I am never going back there again.

Submitted by: Rena
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