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Mr. & Mrs. Williamson used to live in this beautiful home, or used to be a beautiful home. Until this bad storm hit their home killing everyone living in it. They lived out on this island. And after all this happened, no one ever went there again. Because, they were buried there in their yard. I never went right up to the house because I was too scared. But one evening, my friend and I thought we would go as close as we could so we could tell our other friends it wasn't like we were told.
But believe me, I learned a lesson. And I will never go again. Anyway, we went further than we meant to, and things were fine until we got to their back yard, and there was a grave, a casket laying there, and a skeleton in it. The casket was open and the skeleton laying there a minute, then it would sit up a minute. Looked right at us and then lay back down. Ohhhooooo we was so scared. I guess the other graves by this one was the other people killed in the house. Anyway we started running for dear life, and fell down on the ground, looked back and saw ghosts. We jumped up fast and ran home, and we decided not to tell our friends what we had done. We learned not to ever go back there again. So I am telling you, for your own good,
Don't ever go to, (That Haunted House)
Submitted by: Rena
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