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It was a slight rainy cold night in Januray 2003. I was coming back home from work on Highway 59. There was hardly any traffic out. I do not know about all of you but when I was little I use to hate to be on the road at night. I dont care who I was with. My Mom, Dad or brothers. I just had so many crazy thoughts that would go into my head. As I grew older the fears began to slip to the back of my mind. Until this night. It started when I had just gotten off of an 8hr shift. I was ready to get home and relax. I was about ten minutes from home when all "Hell" would be let loose. It started when out of the woods appeared this young lady running towards the Highway. She had no clothes on and she looked scared. As she made her way into the highway I forcefully swirved to miss her. When I did so my car hydroplaned across the road and down into the gutter of trees and a ditch that layed off down below the side of the road. I was thrown into the passenger side and was bleeding from my head.

I sat up and lifted my head and there to my shock I seen this young Lady standing there in front of my car with her hands placed high on the hood. She was slumped over and she appeared to have this huge gash ripped into her torso. I had thought that maybe somehow I had hit her. But right as I was about to open the door she begin to slowly lift herself up. Tears streamed down her face."Miss are you okay" I asked. Then the headlights went off. So I reached down onto my floor to pick up a flash light. I got out of the car and I cut the flash light on. I could hardly walk. It felt like my right leg was broken but when I shined the light to the front of the car, there was nothing there. NO blood or any sign to show that something had hit the front of my car. My hairs stood up on my neck and a shiver went down my back. I shined the flashlight over into the trees to see if she had fallen over or anything, but nothing was there. I was in a desperate pain and I was cold. So I dragged myself back into the car. I reached down to grab hold of my cell phone to call out for help, but I had no reception. I knew I had to get help. I was bleeding Badly from a cut to my head. I layed the phone down on the seat and I pushed the door back open.

I lifted myself out of the car. But right as I did, I heard my cell phone ring. I slipped back into the driver seat and slumped over to pick up the phone. When I said hello the most eerie voice came over the phone. "HELP ME PLEASE" I heard a young ladies voice beggin "Please help me" and then it cut off. Now not only was I hurt and cold, I was really scared. Everything I heard made my body jump. I was tired I covered myself up with my coat and layed my head back. There was nobody on the highway I knew. I would have to wait to get help. But I was determined to keep trying on my cell phone. But nothing would happen, no service. I tried to text my wife, but it would not allow me to. Suddenly I grew frustrated with it. I threw the phone into the other seat. Right when I did it begin to beep. I had thought that just maybe, one of my messages did send out to my wife. I picked up the phone and clicked to read the message, but this message was not from my wife. "HIDE ME FROM HIM" it said. And then it began to ring the Auld Lange I had it set on for New Years.

I was scared to answer it! And when I did, I could hear desperate cries for help from a lady. "Who are you?" I asked. There was nothing. And then the phone died. I dropped the phone and then it began to ring again. I was not about to answer it this time. So I layed there and let it ring. Over and over the tune on the ringer would play, so I grabbed the phone and I threw it out in front of the car. I could see the green on the phone light up everytime it would ring. So I closed my eyes. Layed my head back and then open my eyes to look up the hill I had came down. But right when I did, this young woman was face to face with me. I jumped all the way over to the other side. She stood there, her face and skin was Pale and White. Her eyes were jet black. She whispered for "Help". My heart was beating loudly as she slid her hand over her face. And then to my surpise she was gone again. I layed back down in the seats and then I could hear the beeper going off on my phone again. I decided I had to get it and go up the hill.

I knew that if I stayed in the car the longer it would take for me to get back home to my family. When I reached down to grab the cell phone the message popped up "GO UP THE HILL NOW GO UP THE HILL PLEASE" I did not decline. With all the power I could muster up inside of me I fought my way up the hill. Scared to all hell what I might see when I got there! But I had to do it. There, to my surpise, a car was coming down the highway. Suddenly the blue lights flashed on and I knew that my wife had called someone to come and look for me. As the cop pulled over on the side of the road, he stepped out and asked me if I needed some assistance. I collapsed. When I regained conscience, I was being loaded up on a Ambulance. I looked over to the side of road and I thought I seen this young girl going back into the woods. And then

I fainted again. A few weeks later I was watching the local news when they mentioned a Hunter finding the body of a Missing girl off inside the woods beside Highway 59. They showed her picture and chills went up my back when I seen the same girl on that picture was the same girl that I had seen come out of the woods that night. After that night I got rid of my cell phone. I Never told anyone about the girl out of fear they would think I was Mental. But I know it was real and I know that she helped me get up the hill that night.

Submitted by: James
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