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About two years ago, me and three friends decided to go out to this place where these indian's lived way out in the moutains by a creek called the Blood Creek. We had read in a local paper that this place was haunted by a young indian warrior who was out to avenge the savage murder of his young indian bride who carried their unborn child. It really was not surpose to be anything. But things are not always what they seem. As we got closer you could hear the water run from the creek.It looked so beautiful out there. Trees circled the area. It was hard to believe that such a horrible thing could have ever happened here.

We set up camp just before the sun slipped behind the mountains. Me and my friend Justin went out into the woods looking for some firewood for the campfire. As we went deep into the woods, things began to happen. We could hear noises coming from everywhere. We didn't really know what it was. But it was some really freaky stuff starting to occur. "Hey man you hear that?" Justin said to me. "Yeah" I said lets get back to camp. So we left the woods. When we got back to camp, our friends Ryan and Adam was pale in the tent, like they had seen a ghost. "Hey man whats wrong" Justin asked with a smile on his face. But no smile was returned.

I stepped forward and went to touch Adams shoulder "Hey man you okay?" Nothing happened, so I looked back at Justin. As I did Adam grabbed hold of my wrist and said, "We have got to leave here." "What?" "You heard him, we need to leave" Ryan said. "Why guys? We came here to see if this place was haunted and I am not going anywhere until I see a ghost for myself" Justin said. He's here, he's dangerous, and he's going to kill us all if we stay. Justin fell over with laughter. "You guys could of fooled me" He's real and if you guys dont leave with us then he will kill you. Ryan and Adam stood up and were leaving. "Why guys?

What happened while we was gone?" I asked. "It was the warrior, he was here" they said. "Okay what happened while he was here then?" Ryan said that he did not want to talk about it. I looked over to Adam and he just nodded. Okay guys lets settle down here nobodys going anywhere. "NO" I am leaving right now whether any of you like it or not" Ryan said. So he grabbed his things and put them in the back of the car I am leaving too said Adam. So after awhile of asking them to stay they decided against it and they left. I asked them to come back for me and Justin the next morning. As night begin to fall me and Justin began to hear things. "Holy crap man what is that? " asked Justin.

"I dont know" I said. So we both got out of the tent with a flash light and went into the woods. While we was out there we heard the cry of some dogs from somewhere. As we heard this, Justin jumped 10 feet in the air with fright. "Alright man I am ready to go back to the tent" Justin said. So I agreed. But to our awe, when we got back to the tent, stood the scariest site I have ever and will ever see in my life. There was this tall dark tanned figure of a man standing through our tent. His face appeared covered in blood. It had looked like he had just slashed up someone and our tent. He lifted his arm just a slight ways up and in his hand he had this huge knife.

He leant his head down onto his chest and then looked back up at us. And then he charged us. We didnt think of nothing but running so we ran like hell through the woods. After running for awhile we did not see him. Hey man I think we need to get out of here Justin said. I just nodded back to him. And then I looked up forward and off to the distance I could see some lights. So I tapped Justin on the shoulder and told him for us to run to the lights. As we got closer we could see that it was Ryans car. Oh you guys got us didn't you bastards said Justin. So we walked on up to the car only to find Ryan lying across the hood with his head gashed open from the back of his neck to his nose.

I threw up when I seen this. Then I looked further up the road. There was the body of Adam! He also had a huge gash in his neck and in his back. Justin then pulled Ryans body off of the car and climbed in the passenger side door. Come on man drive us out of here he said. I sit down in the drivers seat and hit the steering wheel "WHATS GOING ON HERE" I screamed "C'mon man and lets just get out of here." I crunk up the car and begin to drive. I had only gone about two miles when I heard Justin start choking. I looked over there only to see what appeared to be a slash slicing its way across his neck and then a force pulled the steering wheel.

When it did this.. the car took airborn into the creek. Somehow I survived the wreck, but thats all I can really recall about that night. Nobody believed me when I told them that this spirit had killed my friends. Instead they arrested me. "Funny how the law works at times". But I know and so does a few others who have come forward in my defense and admitted to crazy things that has happened out there at the creek. My lawyer is planning a trip out there. I have told him not to go but he says it's my best defense. Well when he does not get back, they will know I could not of killed him when they find his dead body. So, maybe he is right. Maybe he is a good defense lawyer. Willing to die to prove my innocence. Well Thank you for your website and thank you for letten me write my story to you.

Submitted by:James
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