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Clowns used to be funny to me, but not anymore. There was a town I was going through, it was pretty old and empty. And out of nowhere, there was this clown. And he was the scariest clown I had ever seen. He was dressed in full clown attire, but his face was more skull than anything. His face and eyes were glowing and there was blood dripping down his face. His face looked gray, no skin, and he looked very menacing. Like he would attack the first person who came close enough. I was too scared to get closer. His hands were also glowing, they were gray and black. Like skeleton hands, but they were moving like he was ready to grab. His eyes were blinking off and on and I hope to never see a clown such as this one again. Because they're not funny anymore. On his feet were clown shoes, but I could see a bloody bone sticking out through the shoe. He looked as though he were having trouble walking. But I was glad for that. I hurried away fast while I had the chance. And I will never return to that dead town again because Beware
The Restless Clown

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