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Okay...This dates back to 1979, mid-summer, in my hometown located in central Iowa. I was in 2nd year of police school for a Assoc. Degree and during the summer break, we were required to do our cadet internship. *that should cop..for a report on how you did* Our local graveyard (a large one with sprawling hills and OLD areas had a particular tomb dug into a hill..only the stone arch is visible and a heavy solid iron double door with a welded cross bar. There was a "vandalisim" to it that consisted of the top right quadrant of the door being ripped off the settings-like a person had tried to pry the door down from the upper corner, or, tied a tow chain up there somehow and tried to yank the door off....right? Uh-Uh. The iron door was bulged outward and curled out, and down under-as if an inside pressure had forced it from inside out and bent it down--to make room to crawl out thru. Having continued as a policeman for many years after that, I've never forgot that little event and to this day, wish I had gone back and taken photos of this day, having seen and investigated all kinds of vandalisims and break-ins.....the only thing that structuraly or by way of physical dynamics that makes any sense at a break-OUT.
Scott Banzhaf

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