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One night at a Halloween party, a boy told of an urban legend that says if you stand on a grave at midnighton the dot, the person in the grave will reach out and grab you and pull you under with it. One girl in the crowd didn't believe it. The boy dared her to go to the cemetary and stand on a grave until 12:05. She took the dare and headed out the door when someone said "Take this knife and stick it in the ground so we know which one you stood at." She took the knife and headed down the road to the graveyard. She picked a grave and looked down at her watch. It was 11:59. So she stood on the grave and at 12:05 she stabbed the knife into the ground. She turned to walk away but something was her. She couldn't get away. The next morning, a group of kids went to the graveyard. They found the girl on the ground. She had mistakenly stabbed the knife through her dress and died of fright.

submitted by: Andrew

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