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Me and my friend thought we would go hunting for a few days. So we went way out into the forrest. It was a pretty day and we thought we should be able to catch alot of deer. We were so far out into the forrest, I don't think any one comes out here. Everything was going fine until to our suprise we came upon some open land, and there was this house. A dark colored house and looked like it hasn't been lived in for a long time. As evening came by it started looking cloudy. And after awhile it started raining, thundering and getting foggy. So we was glad to have found this house. No lights or anything was on but we had our flash lights. We went on and opened our blankets and went to sleep, for awhile anyway until we started hearing some weird noises. And they were weird. We saw the top light blinking off and on. And looked out the window, it was pouring down rain, and we saw a graveyard. Oh my gosh, we saw white things moving around. GHOSTS!! Different sizes. Some looked red like blood dripping down them, and some white. Upstairs we started hearing things move.

Like furniture being moved. We was starting to really get scared. We even heard foot steps walking. The weather was too bad for us to get out, so we just stayed where we were as long as they wasn't bothering us. And we sure wasn't going to bother them. We were so scared though. After awhile we were still hearing things up stairs, so we thought maybe someone was up there. So we walked up the stairs a little, being as quiet as we could, and there was a door opened. We saw something alright, skeletons. Alot of them. We got even more scared, and even with the weather bad we ran and ran and ran. Looked back and saw alot of skeletons coming out of the house and saw those ghost in the graveyard coming toward th house like they had to help them in the house. We ran more and more until we got on this road and someone picked us up. The man said ya'll look like ya'll have seen ghost are something. But we didn't tell him. All we wanted at the time was to just get home. And we did. Safely. But I am telling ya'll, There is such things as GHOST AND SKELETONS running around. So Beware when you decide to go (Hunting)

Submitted by:Rena
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